Thursday, December 15, 2011

Home Nudists

PJ and I are home nudists. The first thing we do when we get home is take off our...yuck clothes!

How many of you are also home nudists?

Here are photos of some home nudist activities:

And some thoughts from other home nudists follow.


“I am retired now and am living in a retirement community that is textile. I have to wear clothes when I am outside my apartment but when I'm inside my apartment I live naked all the time” - Patrick C

“My outdoor nakedness changes as the weather does. Obviously, in fall and winter I can't be nude outdoors. In fall, depending on weather, I may be able to go for a nude hike as it may be warm enough for it. That being said, in fall and winter, I remain nude at home just as I do in spring and summer. If my apartment is too cold, I may turn heat up slightly. A few x-mas ago a friend made me these really great heavy wool socks that keep my feet warm but I also own a heavy flannel shirt with sleeves cut off and that keeps me warm when it is cold.” - Croydon

“I am nude at home as often as I can. I`ve done laundry, cleaned house, watch tv, just hang out nude in my home all the time and visit next-door nudist neighbors for coffee n` chatting in nude. It`s just as normal as doing chores with clothes on, only I feel more at ease and comfortable. I seem to get more done in the nude. I live in a clothing optional Apartment- some of tenants are nudists, too.“ – Pirateman

“I am always naked at home. It is my home, why would I be uncomfortable in my home? Everybody that would come over knows I am nudist, anyway. But there are various salesmen and repairmen, and I just tell them if they have a problem with me being naked, I`ll do business with someone else. (hasn`t happened yet) It`s just rude to expect someone to conform to your rules in their house.” - Fatnudist

“I`ve been naked a number of times, out in the garden or the barn, especially, when visitors have come over, and won a big smile. (These are people, male and female, that I know - not the UPS guy.) They like the at-homeness and evident comfort of it. The sense that they are in a special, protected, space. That they are trusted. The reminder, for people my age, of free-er times past.” – Steveikona

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