Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 Naked European Walking Tour

Video of day five of the 2011 Naked European Walking Tour:

Wow, beautiful scenery. It looks like lots of fun with many smiling faces, at least until the authorities showed up. (They seemed to be understanding.) The hike seems to have grown a lot larger.

I hope PJ and I can attend next year. It will be held the first week in July: Sunday 1st July to Saturday 7th July 2012, in the Austrian Alps south of Munich. To register your interest (and to join the mailing list) simply send an email to Rich at: . PJ and I registered.

Anyone know if English only speakers get along okay?

Anyone else interested in going along with us? We’ll keep everyone informed.


PS – Why don’t we have a NAWK (Naked American Walking Tour)? It would have to be less open than the European version, but there's no reason it couldn't take place. We’d certainly attend.

PPS - A more detailed review of the planned NEWT hike can be found at

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  1. Hey Ken!

    Well, as long as we are "dreaming", sure I think it sounds great! Whether or not my wife wouldn't mind me going is another question (remember, she doesn't agree with social nudism, more specifically, coed social nudity), however, one never knows, does one? If the American "Tour" actually got off the ground, I might feel the need to press the issue, and go, even if she didn't want to come along (but would be great if she came!).

    Thought I'd throw my thoughts out there, so you didn't think your ideas were going out into empty space! ;)

    I'll be watching to see how it comes along. Good Luck Ken ...Irishman