Saturday, October 15, 2011

Many Nude Driving Miles

The end of October we drove from Phoenix to Midland, TX. I was nude almost the entire way. PJ stayed bottomless much of the way (she’s afraid those in high profile vehicles might see her topless – a legitimate concern).

Several weeks later I again drove nude most of the way from Midlands, to Las Cruces, and then north to the Denver area.

On our way back from Denver to Phoenix we remained clothed. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because we started driving in cold weather country?

Anyway, as a naturist I still feel a responsibility to drive naked, and I love PJ for understanding this need. Here are a few others who enjoy nude driving:

“Clothing is a legal nuisance!! I wear it because I have to. I don't when there is no purpose. I just drove a motorhome about 70+ miles in the nude and there's really NO reason for me to have worn clothes to drive it. Clothes don't make you drive safer...but I can honestly say...driving naked made me drive safer! . . . On the drive home...I did get out of the motorhome twice and slipped on a pair of shorts. Walked into Starbucks for a drink on the way home and then into a dept. store to pick up something for my wife. Wouldn't it have been just fine to walk into Starbucks naked, order my drink and get back in the motorhome, drive to the dept. store, park, walk in, get the pair of pants and leave? There's really NO purpose for the clothing. People get embarrassed too easily and if they were really doesn't harm them or bother them...they are just saying those things so no one will think they are perverted, creepy or some sort of sex fiend!” - FireProf

“I started out Saturday morning about 7 am to drive to Dear Park nudist camp. When I got in my car I thought about the naked driving . . . so I got nude for my hour drive down. Did not have to cover at any time, and it was a great way to start the weekend. Made it all the way to the gate, checked in, and made my way to the little cabin I got for the night. Met some great people . . . Stayed naked all day and night, go up the next morning and set out for Deep Creek. I continued on being naked, had to throw shorts on to get gas (major bummer). Other than that I stayed naked all the way to the little check at Bowen Ranch. Parked close to the trail head, got out and met some textiles who were kind of shocked when I got out bare pickle. On the trial came across a few people, and a family. Only got good mornings, no attitude from anyone. Plenty of people at the bottom being Sunday and all. Had great time relaxing and swimming around. Hiked my way out (not as easy getting out as in) got in my car and headed for home. I had to throw some clothes on to stop at Carls for a burger. But undressed in the car and made it all the way to my garage. I already am thinking up another weekend trip that I can try. I must thank my lovely wife who does not enjoy the freedom as I do, but who is extremely understanding and supportive!” - td2hike

“Last Saturday was the first time in my car, I drove completely naked. The trip went from home to my naturist swimming lake. That is about 40 kilometers. The ride was through villages and a small town. I am already a little proud that I had the courage to do it. There was not any problem. I drove in the morning. I had the feeling of inner freedom. Easy to make what you want. If you have also the desire, do it. But dump a towel next to you, so you can cover the most important thing of you, if you must do it! I will drive again! This is sure!” – Purnatur

“After a failed attempt to visit diamond fork on this recent trip, facing a four hour drive, and remembering the recent talks of driving nude, I decided to try it for the first time! After all it was getting dark and in my vehicle no one could really tell what I was or wasn't wearing on the highway! Prior to leaving I . . . thought, this would be allot nicer trip without clothes. So I just put on some light easily removable shorts, flip flops and a T-shirt, in order to get out of the place and gas up, etc. After gassing up I could hardly wait to get naked, I was excited for this experience so I removed my shirt before leaving the gas station. Soon thereafter on the outskirts of town I was able to slip off my shorts. It was great, relaxing and comfortable. In fact after a while I forgot I was naked, and almost stopped and got out of the car before realizing it! It was so nice that I didn’t even want to stop for bathroom breaks for fear of having to put back on clothes. I avoided clothes even at bathroom breaks by finding a very quiet deserted rest stop running in quickly with nothing but flip flops, and of course i carried my shorts, just in case - not needed. . . for the first time ever I was disappoint to actually arrive at home because I had to get dressed in order to walk up the driveway into the house. All in all a great experience and I will definitely try to travel that way as often as I can!” - Southern Utah Nudist

“I have been a nudist for years, and weather permitting, when its warm weather, I enjoy driving COMPLETELY naked - not even any shoes on. I am a long distance truck driver, and I often get the opportunity to see others driving in various states of dress, or undress . . . driving topless, bottomless, and of course COMPLETELY NUDE! If you have often wondered what it would be like, try it at night, when it is rather difficult for anyone to see you are naked, then after you feel more comfortable driving naked at night, do it in the daytime too. I, of course, keep a small hand towel on the seat beside of me, to cover up, when I need to, and a pair of shorts to slip on such as when passing a school bus full of kids, or a church van, or any other circumstance, where nudity would be considered LEWD - I'm NOT into flashing children, nor do I try to flash everyone, I just enjoy the feeling and freedoms of driving naked. Everyone should try it, and most likely you would enjoy it, and do it more often. . . next time you see a big truck, and the driver isn't wearing a shirt, he MIGHT be driving naked, as I have seen lots of others in big trucks driving naked over the years. Get out and ENJOY driving NAKED!” – Nudeisnotlewd

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