Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bumping Into People While Hiking Naked

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"It has been my practice over several years to continue naked as if it was as normal as hiking clothed. My theory is that the more often people see naked bodies and nothing bad happens, the less uptight they are about seeing naked bodies. When some majority of people have occasionally seen naked people and it becomes "ho hum" then being naked will not be shocking or illegal.

Over the years I must have encountered a couple hundred clothed people while hiking naked. Most of the time I just "howdy" them as I walk past naked. Reactions are mixed.

One woman who was sitting to rest as I came past said, "I wish I could do that." I stopped to chat and she explained that I looked so free she wished she was brave enough to take her clothes off.

Three women walking the other way through a large open field moved about 10 yards off the trail so as not to pass too close. They didn't say anything.

Two teenage men held their tongues until my wife and I had turned a corner and then made crude teenage comments to each other.

Most clothed hikers just respond with a "Good morning" or some such greeting much as they would for a clothed hiker.

If I look "guilty" and embarrassed and lurch into a cover then I'm guilty and embarrassed and ought to have been covered. If I'm confident and naked and project normalcy while naked then I'm usually accepted as a version of normal. Its important to PLAN to act naked and normal, or you will have to figure out what to do when suddenly confronted and it won't work out very well.

Having fun naked" - Bob Knows

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