Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Driving Nude from Phoenix to Midlands

Over the past few days PJ and I drove nude from Phoenix, AZ to Midlands, TX. Driving nude is always so much more comfortable - clothes bunch up and bind. And once you get naked you don't even think about nude driving being unusual; it is just right! Who else out there enjoys driving naked like PJ and I and the following people?


“. . . the CHP officers, Sheriff's and local PD officers, that I spoke with, all said "they got better things to do then chase after someone that's just driving naked. If they are being lewd, that's another thing but just driving naked...I don't care." With regard to tinting...their responses were pretty much the same but most stated that "they didn't want to have to go to court and answer to a judge about the tint on their cars so...unless they are stopping someone for something else, they don't bother stopping a vehicle for just window tint." So...if you tint your windows "medium" and obey the laws and drive, like we ALL should drive, you shouldn't have any problem with law enforcement...down here anyway!” – FireProf

“On public lands in the west (BLM and Forest Service) there is no prohibition against simple nudity outside of developed areas, and most of these lands are undeveloped. There are over a million miles of roads and jeep trails on these lands where you can (and I have) driven naked. No problem. Cover if you head into town or a developed camping area, but otherwise `suit yourself`. But be prepared - these are vast open spaces, miles from services, and often no cell service.” – Daves_ndt

“Hey friends, today weather in Germany is fine. It is hot. The temperature in the cars is more than hot. The right weather for driving nude. I hate it, when I sweat in my clothes. One has to adapt to the circumstances, whether it is allowed or not. That is freedom.” - Purnatur

“I`ve been driving home nude (40 miles) from the nudist resort for a long time. No one has bothered me and if it`s illegal in Florida that's surprising given my license plate is NOODIST, which draws a lot of attention. I look in my mirror at stop lights about 3-5 times a week seeing girls with their phones out taking a picture of the plate. I have to admit that the wonderful feeling I had when I first began doing this has diminished over time. But it still feels right. The guard at the nudist resort and the people that work there have seen me get in my car nude and drive off. They`ve never said anything about it either. Maybe I`m just lucky.” – Ult1lar

“Over the past 8-10 years, I have been spending more and more of my time behind the steering wheel nude. At first it was a rare thing, something I occasionally did while on vacation in Florida - and then only on the highway. . . I have become more and more bold as time has gone on. First, I began to spend virtually ALL of my highway time in Florida (I go there several times each winter) nude, and then more and more, I did so in my home state of Kansas. Then I began to drive nude in town once-in-awhile, and now, I am nude when in my car probably a minimum of 85% of the time. And what has become clear is that no one notices It would be different for women as 1) their breasts would be more easily seen and 2) men seem to look around them much more than women. But I have now spent literally thousands of hours driving completely nude and I'm certain that at most, only one person has ever noticed. So, the good news is that one can enjoy the sensual freedom of being totally nude behind the wheel with no real concern of being "pinched" by the humorless police, or upsetting a prudish individual.” – ThomasWM

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