Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Nakation Cruise - Part 2

It’s surreal!

October 25, 2011 - Tuesday morning was spent getting on the ship – the Carnival Miracle. By lunch time the entire world had changed from textile to nudist. We discovered 2000 people of our own species. The experience was at the same time freedom and shock – so much to take in. How to describe it? Maybe with a few snippets of what we experienced:

We walked up to the top floor to watch the ship depart. We were required to remain clothed until entering international waters. I could feel peoples’ need to be free of clothes. I expected an announcement followed by a cheer from the crowd. Not so. People, us included, just got fed up with waiting, and got naked. By the time the announcement was made the only people still clothed were those who didn’t seem to care. No cheer. Oh well.

We toured the ship. It was unbelievably decorated as can be seen in these photos www.imageevent.com/kenandjane/cruisingcarnivalmiracle.

Shopping nude was wonderful! PJ and I visited the shops – no shirts, no bottoms, not even shoes – nothing – just a wonderful freedom. The shop clerks mostly seemed oblivious to helping a naked couple. We shopped several time nude; it’s the only way to shop.

Clothing was required in the Fancy restaurants. For that reason Lee and others usually choose to eat at the less formal buffet on the top deck where clothing was always optional. PJ and I often chose to eat dinner in to textile restaurant because the food was prepared and served with such flair, but we ate most of the other meals in the more relaxed top-side buffet. We loved dining with old and new naked friends.

We sang nude karaoke several nights. What more can I say than “I love nude karaoke!” PJ and I share such a loving connection when singing nude together - songs such as Strawberry Wine and Jackson.

We didn’t sun much on the many lounge chairs on the top deck – that’s just not our style. But many people spent much of their time lounging in the sun. That’s when everyone got naked – I suppose even those who were reluctant.

The second day of the cruise was spent at Carnival’s private island, Half Moon Cay. This beautiful island experience was indescribable. We were ferried from the ship to the beach (clothed – I don’t know why). Hundreds of people basked in the sun, splashed in the warm sea, and walked along the soft sand as warm tropical breezes caressed their nude bodies. Our friend Lee ran miles along the beach amazed at this fantastic naturist experience. We took a number of photos (see www.imageevent.com/kenandjane/halfmooncay). We enjoyed a naked buffet lunch. We swam with and fed sting rays (in swim suits to avoid losing dangling parts), and snorkeled. We even swooshed down a water slide – naked. Bare bodies on a Caribbean island beach – what could be more relaxing and romantic? The day could have lasted forever, but too soon ended.

Back on the ship, we played several rounds of miniature golf on the top deck (see photos at www.imageevent.com/kenandjane/nudeminituregolf ) as the sun warmed our naked bodies. The artificial grass got quite hot. I scored a 21. It was tons of fun!

We also swooshed down the ship’s spiral water slide. What a blast! (See photos at www.imageevent.com/kenandjane/cruisewaterslide ).

The second day at sea we had time to look for new friends. The cruise directory listed people’s first names and home city. We put notes on the doors of those who lived near us, and decorated our door with photos and a note pad. (Note: next cruise we’ll come prepared with door decorations and personal cards.) We met and visited with several people; some we may retain as friends as they come into our lives. However, I’m not sure this exercise was worth the effort; we found that a cruise is not ideal for gathering new friends.

However, it’s amazing the difference cruising nude makes to making peoples’ acquaintance. On a clothed cruise we hardly met anyone. On the nude cruise we constantly introduced ourselves to discover where people were from.

One evening we volunteered as contestants in a game show – three stands with an announcer asking trivia questions. (Now this was a new naturist experience for us.) I won a first place trophy and a second place medal, and PJ won a second place medal. (I would have won first both times but the announcer favored the nude gal next to me - I was sent to stand with my nose against the wall, once she grabbed my hand and put it on her breast just as the question was read, and a second time she reached over and tickled my but just as the question was read.) The entire experience was great fun!

What else? We attended a number of shows put on by the ship’s performers – singers, dancers, and comedians. They were great. The Beatles show was fantastic. Being part of a naturist audience is very nice.

There is so much more about a naturist cruise, the entire experience is nearly incomprehensible, though I’ll try to describe more in part 3. You must try it for yourself. It’s just – well – surreal.

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