Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Nakation Cruise - Part 3

Key West Fantasy Fest is unforgettably crazy!

Friday afternoon the ship docked at Key West. We disembarked for the first of several visits to Key West Duval Street and the Fantasy Fest weekend.

It’s all about crazy people - walking everywhere, nearly unclothed, in body paint and crazy costumes.

Saturday afternoon we prepared for the actual Fantasy Fest celebration and parade. We left the ship wearing very little. I wore shoes and my short hiker kilt; PJ wore a t-shirt and panties. Soon we were both wearing hats with dreadlocks, and PJ was topless and covered with beads (something that grew more extensive throughout the day and into the night).

We walked up and down Duval Street all afternoon, taking photos of the crazies (including ourselves).

As the sun began to set, we positioned ourselves at a convenient spot and waited for the parade to begin, then enjoyed 1.5 hours watching crazy floats.

We returned to the ship just as the rain started. (I know some people’s body paint washed off leaving then illegally nude.)

Fantasy Fest is its own weird experience - certainly not a naturist event - and impossible to fully discribe. I suppose the only way to get close is to share photos of some of the crazier things we saw:

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