Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy - Driving Naked

I've been super busy building a shed (nude of course) so haven't had time to write. So in the meantime, here are a few more naked driving experiences:


"I have driven nude many times - miles must be 100 thousand over 15 years. Day or night no difference. I drove from NH to SC, stopping only for gas in 9/2005, 994 miles in 18 hours! I have a kilt, which has a waist band with belt loops and hook and loop to fasten it about your waist. I also have a towel I leave in truck with a belt sown to it to hold it about my waist if I need to get out for any reason. I live at a resort full time and when I am ready to leave the gated place I wrap the towel about my waist and hold it while getting comfortably seated then let it drop when door is closed. This way I can close or fasten the belt if I need to. It also keeps the seat clean as my bare skin isn't in contact with seat material." - NudistJohn

"I drive about 25 miles to work every day. . . About two days or so a week I . . . am naked from waist down but have pants right there in driver side floor in case I need them in hurry. . . no way am doing this to show off (dark) it is just very freeing and a wonderful way to start day. . . upon arriving at work parking lot I pull pants on and go to work. This is a similar feeling of freedom to hiking naked. . . I am sure to drive within the speed limit, and obey all traffic rules so as not to draw attention I don't want." - Mtn Hike Nude

"I've been driving naked for a few years, every time I'm on a long trip. I wear a shirt though, so no-one but a truck or a bus would see anything out of the ordinary. I sit on a towel and keep my shorts at my feet for quick coverup, and when passing trucks follow the advice I saw on a double-trailer truck, "If you wanna pass, better haul ass". I've driven across the country, Michigan to California and back, and recently down to North Carolina and back, mostly naked except for gas stops." - Bob X

"I have driven naked many times. . . most of my commute is on back roads so not much traffic at that time of day. I keep a towel handy in case I need to cover up, having only to do so only once while at a stoplight when a semi stopped next to me. I am always the first to arrive at my work and open the place, so I can dress in the parking lot or as I like to do I'll go in and start my morning routine in the buff and wait to dress just before the others start arriving." - Nakkidnfl

"I've been stopped by the police twice while driving naked. In both cases, I had plenty of time to get dressed (well, dressed enough) while they were running watches and warrants on the plates. . . I NEVER try to remove or put on clothing while driving. About as bad as a cell phone. I take the clothes to the car at home and throw them on the passenger side seat and dress in the parking lot when I get where I'm going. Then I undress in the parking lot and drive home and carry my clothes in to the house. Did it just yesterday." - R.O

"I love to drive naked. I do so most every week. I recently drove the Blue Ridge Parkway naked. It was beautiful and the freedom of driving naked in a convertible was great! I simply keep something handy to cover up with if passing a truck or SUV that may be able to see into car. Being naked while driving is fun, but we must respect others who would not want to see us." - Mtn Hike Nude

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