Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Good Way To Spread Freehiking

Isn't the power of example interesting. Perhaps if more of us were less concerned about being seen freehikng, others would join in as shown by the following example. Has anyone else been able to share freehiking by being seen?


“I saw a guy hiking nude a couple weeks ago on a popular trail here in Altadena, California which I regularly frequent. I was hiking back down close to evening on a weekday and saw a nude hiker and said "Hey buddy I've been thinking of trying that myself" but kept walking because for some reason I was a little shy. But it was the truth I had been reading about it and wanting to try it for months now. So the very next day I hiked about halfway up the trail and disrobed. Just my luck less than probably a minute after I started walking again two young couples are coming down the trail at me. I was thinking uh oh but kept my cool and one of the girls giggled a little but the guys didn't look really thrilled about it. I said hello and moved on and came across another couple with much the same reaction. So I have gone naked hiking on the same trail like three times since last week all during the week mid-afternoon to evening. . . the only way to change people's opinions of doing this is for textile hikers to see it more often and I agree. I will go out of my way to avoid families and weekend hikers though.” - NaturalHikingDude

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  1. I use to go hiking nude a lot into Angeles Forest before fire, I cant wait until is open again, I have also hiked the trail nude to Deep Creek Hot Springs..