Sunday, September 18, 2011

Living the Good Life as a Nudist

Living at a nudist resort (Shangri La Ranch in Arizona), being without clothes becomes so natural that it’s hard to even think about what to write to describe everyday life. Still, I want to share our naturist life in hopes that some are helped. So here are a few experiences from the last few weeks since we’ve taken a break from work:

PJ and I spent a week building a shed so we could move the rest of our stuff out of an expensive storage area - a week measuring, sawing, hammering, etc. It was hard work, but doing it nude made it much easier. Has anyone else built something while nude?

We spent the weekend with naturist friends from Utah. It was a blast visiting and singing karaoke and dancing with wonderful naked friends.

PJ told her oldest daughter about our naturist lifestyle – the last of our children to be informed. It wasn’t accepted well. The daughter was especially upset because we hadn’t told her for some years, after all “didn’t we trust her?” Frankly “no” - we received the negative reaction we knew would result. How can people, especially religious people, be so very judgmental? Some people refuse to understand. No one is so blind as a person who will not see.

The lesson here: tell your friends and family about your naturist experiences as they happen. If you don’t, they’ll assume you are ashamed of being a naturist and become even more upset when they discover this than if you’d been open about enjoying naturism from the start.

A fellow with several friends (one a girl) delivered a load of stressed barn wood that we will use to enclose our deck. They weren’t naturists and seemed somewhat embarrassed to be at the resort. They declined taking a dip in the pool. (We often notice textiles such as mailmen and UPS and Federal Express drivers delivering things to the resort; I wonder what they think and if this just becomes commonplace for them.)

We worked a week cleaning up, building rock-lined trails, and decorating the Shangri La Cactus Garden and the River Walk. The garden is nearing completion. The river walk needs lots more work. (I’ll post photos of our efforts in the future.)

It’s paradise to take a shower and pool break after a few hours working nude in the hot sun.

Friday night PJ visited a friend in Phoenix. I spent the evening singing karaoke - I just love singing nude. PJ’s girlfriend said she’d visit the resort to sing karaoke in the future. She may not get nude, but said she loves karaoke. We’ll see how long she remains clothed when she visits; I’ll report back.

On Saturday we met a nice couple (B & J) while soaking in the pool. “B” explained that they first visited Shangri La while taking a motorbike ride in the spring. They’d heard about Shangri La and always wondered about naturism, so when they drove by and discovered the resort they thought “Why not give it a try?” While playing nude water volleyball, they ran into their next door neighbors who they didn’t realize were naturists. “B” says it has become a real joy having naturist neighbors. They joined the resort and now visit whenever they can.

Saturday evening we enjoyed a nude taco party on Judy Mac’s deck. Eating great food with naked friends is the best!

At the party we met a 78 year old gentleman who had just discovered naturism. He’s vacationing at Shangri La for a few weeks and loves it. He’s always been curious about naturism, but had been afraid to experience it for most of his life. Now he’s really enjoying life nude. Unfortunately his wife of 50+ years won’t participate so he’s vacationing on his own - how truly sad. I’ve experienced this reluctant spouse syndrome myself and just can’t comprehend how two people who supposedly love each other can fail to see how naturism can draw them closer rather than further apart. If only the reluctant spouse would give it a try they’d understand. After all, getting naked with your spouse is so easy.

I enjoyed my first haircut at the resort. Me and the female stylist were both naked. Afterwards, I just rinsed the hair off with the garden hose. When was the last time you’ve gotten a nude hug from your barber? This was an enjoyable first for me. Just one more aspect of living life the way it was meant to be.

What else can I say? The nude life is good. Everyday nude people drive their carts and walk their dogs past our trailer, or just walk past and wave. Nude visitors come and go. We enjoy sitting on our patio nude watching the nude birds. (Hundreds visit the tree over our deck to eat the seeds we’ve provided.) We love being naturists and living the good life, but tomorrow it’s time to head back to work and the textile world – oh well.


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