Sunday, October 9, 2011

Working at Shangri La Ranch

If you haven't kept up with us (I know it's difficult), PJ and I moved from Olive Dell Ranch this past July, and now maintain our home (trailer) at Shangri La Ranch in New River, AZ. Horst, the owner, loves having us re-create our park, etc. He gave us a golf cart and allows us to use all of the resort tools.

It's wonderful working together naked in the sun, and taking a work-break nude in the pool.

Unfortunately, we can only be at the resort a week or so a month because our textile job takes us all over the southwest, and beyond. Although that has advantages as well - we visit naturist reorts every chance we get when traveling. (We'll probably visit Mountainair in Colorado tomorrow.)

During September we spent several weeks working at Shangri La Ranch. We built a storage shed, took delivery of a load of old wood we'll use to build a decorative wall, finished cleaning up the cactus garden (though we still have many features to add), and finished the first portion of the Shangri La River Walk (all in the nude of course). We have many creative ideas about the Ranch and lots of future work to do. Here are a few photos of our progress so far.


  1. Did any of you run into Marsha Wood, a nudist at the ranch ?

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