Sunday, December 18, 2011

Naked Gardeners

Naked gardeners are a unique type of home nudist, since they often have to bare the (potential) ridicule of neighbors. Dispite this however, naked gardeners persist because naked gardening just feels sooooo right!

Backyard naked gardening it is perhaps the most commmon nude activity. In fact a special day, World Naked Gardening Day, is set aside for those who enjoy digging and planting and mowing and cutting naked in the back yard.

PJ and I love naked gardening so much that we now design and develop large gardens at nudist resorts - first at Olive Del Ranch and now at Shangri La Ranch.

In the future I'll send more desccriptions and photos of our current naked garden in New River, AZ, but for now, here is a link to some naked gardening photos: Perhaps these photos will inspire you to plan and plant a naked garden this coming spring.

Does anyone plan on doing that?

If not, why not?

Here are a few more throughts from people who enjoy being nude at home:

“My husband began going nude by not getting dressed after he got out of the shower. I was more cautious, afraid that the neighbors could see through the windows, though he swears their house is too far away, and if we can't see in their house, how could they see in ours? Then he began doing some of his yard work in the nude. . . Over the last couple years, our landscape plants have grown and unless the neighbors are standing on the property line, we've got a fair amount of privacy. I took it by steps, doing my gardening in just a long t-shirt, then a shorter shirt, then doing the mowing in just a t-shirt. Last year I finally got the courage to remove the t-shirt and now the two of us spend all our at-home time nude. . . Back in late April we had a really warm day and my older daughter brought out a huge plastic swimming pool. She and her husband were, by that time, aware that we were always naked at home. She really surprised us when she, her husband, her sister, and both her toddler daughters arrived completely au naturel as well. The only cloth items they had brought with them were towels! . . . today, our July 4 barbecue will be completely nude.” – PrincessCleo

“. . . we are 99.9% home nudists as well as; social nudists, driving nude nudists, backyard nudists, chore nudists, vacationing nudists...the list is endless. It's such second nature and so much a part of our lives that...the Prof is sick and has been for the last couple days but...when she got home from work, today, she immediately stripped off her clothes to be comfortable...even when not feeling well. I had the window washer guy here this morning and wore a pair of shorts while he was in the house...but when he went outside...I took them off and just cracked the door when he was done to hand him the check. I couldn't stand wearing clothes any longer in our home!” - FireProf

“It is very relaxing to spend the entire day nude. I try to do so as often as possible. I was off work yesterday and today and I only got dressed to go out and mow the yard, and to go to the gym; I got naked again as soon as I finished these activities. Now that the weather is warmer and the kids have moved out, I spend as much time naked at home as possible. My wife is getting used to it and is even coming to expect it now, the other day I got up and put on some shorts and she wanted to know where I was going because I had on clothes!” – Eagle59

"I worked from home today. Did my work on the patio under the gazebo, nude the whole time. I'm probably clothed at home less than an hour a week and that includes waiting for my Sweetheart to get ready. I don't get dressed until she says "let's go," I know I still have 10 minutes! . . . About the only time I'm clothed at home is when I'm about to walk out the door to go someplace! My Sweetheart and I love being clothes free. We purchased a double chaise lounge for the patio and a gazebo to shield from the neighbors second story windows. We can pull the lounge partially out from the gazebo in the mornings to get some sun without exposing ourselves to the neighbors (I don't really care but trying not to offend anyone and be a good neighbor). Enjoying coffee and talking to each other like this in the mornings is about the best way to start a day I can think of. I generally take the trash out, do light yard work and clean up after the dog in the nude. Don't know if I've been spotted but haven't had any complaints either.” – Greg

“My husband and I are fortunate to live in a place where we can safely be nude both inside and outside year round. Our property is not a resort but it feels like it thanks to years of hard work planting bamboos, pines and other trees. My husband hates wearing clothes and since he rarely leaves the property, he seldom has to. I tend to go out more often and therefore wear clothes far more often than he does. Can't complain, though, we have created and enjoy a wonderful naturist working/living situation. – SimplyLiving

“This weekend was nice and sunny, so I spent the entire weekend out doing some yard work, cleaning the pool, and tanning nude. Wife joined me on Sunday. Yesterday while cleaning the pool I saw my neighbor and her boyfriend out in her yard they didn't act like they saw us but we didn't care.” – Deleted

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