Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nude Fun - Travel and Vacations

“According to a survey of 1,882 U.S. adults by the Ypartnership/Yankelovich 2009 National Travel Monitor, 10 percent of respondents said that a ‘resort that offers a nude recreation experience’ was an attribute that they would describe as ‘extremely/very desirable’ in a leisure travel experience. That compares to those who favored golf (8 percent), snowboard/skiing (7 percent), hunting (7 percent), mountain biking (6 percent) and tennis (4 percent). Those numbers came as welcome news to the American Association for Nude Recreation, which issued this statement about the survey: ‘The nude recreation experience, though admittedly of interest to just 1 out of 10 travelers based on the total U.S. population of over 303 million, indicates that 30 million would indeed take a Nakation!’” - Intransit

I totally love visiting naturist venues with my wife and friends. Naturist travel is so much fun. I can swim, and swim nude. I can camp, and camp nude. I can hike, and hike nude. I can fish, and fish nude. I can boat, and boat nude. I can play volleyball and tennis, or play both nude. I can sing karaoke, and, no only nude makes any sense with karaoke. The point is, on a vacation I can do it all in clothes or nude, and nude is better.

When we stay at a naturist resort we often use it more as a central base of operations just like a hotel; we don't just lay in the sun at the pool or play at the tennis courts. (Although we could if that was the intention of our vacation.) We leave and see the sights or go to the beach (hopefully nude), or shop, or see a show, or visit a garden or historic sight. Then, when we get back in the evening we get naked at the room, walk naked up to the group showers, sit naked in the hot tub, sing nude karaoke, dance naked, whatever feels right. Using a resort as a home base is a million times better than staying clothed and cooped up at a hotel, and it's cheaper as well.

There are so many options for nude recreation and travel. Here are a few people who have discovered this:

“It's a too-well-kept secret how relaxing and safe a clothes-free getaway can feel. Once you try it, you find yourself wondering, 'Wow. What took me so long?'” – Phyllis G.

“So began a most wonderful week of celebrating a marriage that we believe to be a rare gift of God. We laid by the pool and read; we laid by the pool and slept; we floated in the pool and tanned; we exercised and swam; we had many delightful conversations with other guests; and we joined in pool volleyball and many other games organized by the resort staff. We found it to be so enjoyable to live clothes-free in that idyllic setting that we ate nearly all of our breakfasts and lunches on the au natural side. On the day we left we put our traveling clothes in our carry-on bags and took them to the poolside so that we could enjoy the last possible moments. We just did not want to get dressed.” – Luvnaturism

“. . . we were in Mexico for a week and half. . . The people we went to see own two villas side by side . . . They had most of our last full day planned out, with the exception of about five hours in the middle of the day. That was our cue to hike back to our secluded beach one last time. I got naked as soon as we cleared the spot in the jungle were we were unlikely to be eaten alive by bugs. . . Most of the afternoon was spent strolling naked, very leisurely, back and forth from end-to-end on the beach, occasionally diving in to cool off. . . Just before writing this we received an e-mail from our main friends from Mexico saying we should come back again before they return to the states in May. We may just wait until right before a forecasted blizzard and take them up on that. We’ve cranked the heat up and are spending the day naked so it feels like we’re still there – not even close to the same but its fun acting like we are.” - Happy Hikers

“We do try to get away for a mini nude vacation each year, just her and I, usually for a long weekend . . . We take very little as far as clothing with us, and we just enjoy each other the entire weekend, nude. One year we did have a week long nude vacation . . . visiting Bare Valley nudist campground . . . my wife got nude right away . . . She really enjoyed herself that week, and she mentioned to me that she began to understand that week why I enjoy being nude so much.” - Rob

“Why feel burdened by the oppressive weight of fabric when you can run around the world in your birthday suit? . . . next time I book a holiday, I’ll opt for naturism and leave my bathing suit behind.” – Julia D.

“Going to a nudist club is not going down a dirt road and behind a junkyard gate. Europeans have known this for a long time. We [Americans] are just getting around to that.” – Nancy Tienmann, owner of Bare Necessities

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