Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Freehiking

"We had a nice snowfall followed by a warming trend so I could not pass up a trip to the farm. . . So on a bright sunny day while there was still snow cover a trip and walk was in order. I hesitate to call it a hike because there was not much distance involved and it was still a little cold to spend outside naked for long. So after a drive where the uniform of the day were coveralls, hiking boots, hat and sunglasses I quickly lost the coveralls at the farmhouse and began to explore. Since we haven't really had much of a winter the pond only had a light covering of ice with bare spots at the inflow and outflows, much of the old roadways had melted in the sun leaving a muddy trail. . . So for a little over an hour I walked back and forth from the truck to different areas I wished to see in winter. Not wanting to get dressed again I reluctantly pulled the coveralls on again since the return trip would mean passing buses as school was about to be dismissed. My apologies for not being able to describe a full on hike but even a short period of naked outside time was enough to lift my spirits. Hopefully, some others of you also." - NudeWalker

Nude walker expresses well the desire to freehike even when the weather is cold. I've enjoyed freehiking in the snow, and as long as the sun is out it's easy to get used to hiking naked with temperatures in the upper 30s.

Has anyone else experienced winter freehiking?


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