Monday, February 6, 2012

Sharing Naturism with Parents

Within the past year our parents finally found out that PJ and I lived at a "nudist camp". They were the last in our family to know. They just couldn't understand.

Even though we (and they) are older, they were still the most difficult people to tell - strange.

Has anyone else had this difficulty?

Here are thoughts from others about sharing naturism with parents:

“I can say this from experience, if you're caught, that is a perfect opportunity to tell the truth. I was caught about a year ago, but I was one of the people who "backed off at the moment of truth," but had I not I would probably have told my mom the full truth by now. If I had told my mom the truth then, instead of acting embarrassed, I probably would be naked right now . . . Just don't panic. I was actually planning on being caught eventually, but when it finally happened, I panicked. Remember what your plan is if you get caught, keep your head when it happens, and then things will turn out OK.” – 1Nick

“When I told [my parents I was a nudist] I had a giant lump in my throat but I got over that pretty fast. I still get a fright when they just walk in but I'm slowly getting used to it. . . Anyway long story short they laughed but said they didn't care what I did in my room. So that's awesome.” – Nudezealand

“When told [by parents] you must be home by a particular (way too early) hour on a weekend (or some other matter of discipline), agree without a fuss. Once you give in without the usual resistance they will be primed for the follow-up. "Oh, and I'm sleeping in the nude these days." Don't be snarky, just polite and informative. To me this is a more adult way to bring out your views than slipping into and out of the bathroom with or without clothes. If nudity is a dignified way to be it deserves a dignified discussion on the merits (which you can present) rather than something you "get away" with doing.” – Paleface

“I was 15 when I told my mum about my desire to be nude when she walked in my bedroom. She was really cool about it - we just sat on my bed and chatted and she said she had no desire to be seen nude which was ok. Now I have a two year old little girl and when she has a bath with me and my mum is round she comes in bathroom and baths my daughter.” – Stu43

“. . . for me, another important part lies in the type of language you choose to use. "I am a naturist," is a statement about your identity, your nature. On the other hand, "I like to go around without clothes," is just a statement about something you enjoy. "I am" is very strong language; "I like," and "I prefer," are much gentler and less threatening - especially to parents, who probably have quite a strong idea about who you are and what they want you to be. . . People find it hard to tell you you are wrong when you are only telling them what you like, what you enjoy and what you prefer.” – Sauna Chap

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