Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nude Fun - Boating and Cruising

“I love to sail, and nude sailing is the best.” - Nudeboots

The first ‘nude’ cruise was offered by Bare Necessities in 1991 – on board a Costa Cruises chartered vessel in the Caribbean. Since then nude cruising has expanded greatly. Now, Bare Necessities constantly charters cruise ships taking up to 2000 people at a time on clothing-optional sea voyages to places such as Hawaii, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

We have loved naturist boating experiences. We spent a week canuding the Green River in Utah. Along the way we stopped for freehikes and soaks in warm pools.

Our seven-day nude houseboat excursion on Lake Powell was especially memorable. We anchored at quite locations in the red-rock canyons to swim and hike nude. We took small-boat excursions to see beautiful slot canyons and arches. In the evenings we sang nude karaoke and watched the stars. One day on the lake we were hailed by two naked friends in a smaller boat – we didn’t even know they were at the lake.

Last year we took our first nude cruise - Fastasea Fest – with Carnival. It was fabulous! Walking the ship, shopping, eating, singing karaoke, taking dance lessons, watching entertaining shows, sunning on a white sandy Caribbean beach, sailing, scuba diving (all nude), and then participating in a sort-of-clothed, “crazy” festival on Key West - just having a great time with other nudists – wow! We may never cruise clothed again.

I would recommend naturist boating to anyone. If you get the chance, take it; it’s the experience of a life-time, to which these people testify:

“One of the first dreams I had of a naturist holiday back when I first discovered naturism was nude sailing. Removing myself completely from the textile world, naked in nature with only the sea and the sky surrounding me, being caressed by the sea breeze and the crystal clear water as I swim in wild coves, the purity of life on board a small boat, the pleasure of discovering new places and the closeness on board far from the summer hoards, the calm of the sails far from the racket of traffic, the privilege of sharing good times with friends, these were all reasons that finally made me decide to give it a go last summer . . .” - Antoine

“Few things feel better than exerting yourself naked in a kayak. Just enough cool water spays up to hit you, making you feel fresh and invigorated. I like to paddle hard and continuously, while Kathy likes to pause and just look at things.” – Mark Storey

“We like to kayak on the sound between the outer banks of NC and the mainland, especially along wildlife preserves owned by the National Park Service. The water is very shallow and there are numerous small islands and sandbars. Once we get away from populated areas, the clothes come off and we kayak and wade in the nude. I have seen others doing the same in the distance.” - Maturewvcouple

“Canoeing on stretches of water in the buff is relatively easy. I used to paddle from Cedar Key, FL out to the small deserted islands on the Gulf all the time. Never saw another soul on these little bits of wilderness. They have great beaches and I always had the whole place to myself. The best R&R I have ever had. Canoeing on small streams that have no houses nearby is relaxing too.” - Richard

“Since we live on our boat, we don’t have a yard at all. We spend the majority of time down below nude, but anytime we go outside during the day we have to dress. . . when we are sailing, we have the whole ocean as our back yard and don’t have to worry about people seeing us. If they do, then they are probably too close.” - Dsailing

“I sailed nude on a Laser in Singapore for 4 1/2 years. I'd rig my boat . . . and then clip my suit to a halyard once I got about 100 meters off shore. I'd put the suit back on within about 100 meters of docking. I'd often sail to some of the offshore islands and, of course, be nude on them. . . Can't see sailing without being nude. I will only sail in warm weather, and warm weather demands nudity.” - RalphVa

“I have a 41ft. sailboat and when the lines go over, the suits come off. . . I keep a towel handy for the tour boats but other than that I have no problem sailing in the buff. I've had the boat for 6 years now, was renting for about 10 years before that and so far no complaints. . . In my opinion nothing feels better than to be out in the sun on a beach or on a boat getting a charge from the fresh salt air and feeling the sun on your entire body.” - Sailnekkid

“We have a cabin cruiser on a lake here in Alabama. When we get the anchors set off come my clothes . . . I usually anchor in a small cove out of the way of others and when I get hot tanning, I bail off the stern and let me tell you, it is refreshing.” - Lake Cruiser

“We sail naked all the time, and I love it! We do usually wait until we are a couple of miles off shore and/or are in less traffic. I never had any problems with authorities. . . it does seem to me that it is more accepting for people to be nude while boating. I know people that wouldn't normally want to be nude in front of others, but are willing to go bare while on the boat.” - DSailing

“Naked boating is a lot of fun - I did it for many years. I used to have a pontoon that I keep on the KY River about eight miles from where I live. . . Sometimes the wife would take a half days vacation during the week and we would go to the river for an afternoon on the boat. During the week you pretty much had the river to yourself so it was easy to be able to be nude the whole afternoon, which we did. . . I normally kept a pair of swimming trunks close by and if someone I knew came up I'd just lay the trunks over my lap.” – Kentucky Dave

“I had a large sail boat and used to cruise the coast of New England. Wife and I were almost always nude at sea, and on occasion would meet other boats with nude crew. Nothing unusual about being nude on the Atlantic . . . Just a nice relaxing way to spend time!” – Rabid Clam

“I have been boating nude for years. . . I have a smaller boat I take on the Chattahoochee north of Atlanta, and the area I cruise is very natural and scenic. The times I have been encountered nude . . . by other boaters they seemed accepting or at least tolerant and would carry on a conversation with me.” - GABare

“. . . my wife and I went on a nude cruise. . . As soon as we had left port and the pilot left the Captain came over the loud speaker and announced that it was then clothing optional. . . Dinner in the formal dinning room was Dress but every where else was optional. Eating on the lido deck, pool side, in the theatre and every where else was optional. . . we stopped at Bonaire - where we had chosen . . . a trip to Soroban Naturist Resort. . . We kayaked to the reef, walked part way out and just enjoyed the sun. . . All the time we were at sea they had games to play. Trivial pursuit . . . football toss, basketball freethrow contests, shuffle board, volleyball, karaoke, dancing. We participated in a show the crew called the great pretenders which was a lipsink show. The crew commented that in all of their time they had seen people pushing the envelope for nudity on stage but had never had clothes completely thrown out before. . . Our final destination was a private island owned by Holland America, known as Half Moon Cay. . . We were able to spend the whole day there in the full moon state and had our lunch on the island served by the island staff - a perfect end to a perfect cruise.” – Kevin

“Again we were able to go on a cruise, this time it was Key West, Jamaica, and Cozumel. . . . The ship had put together an excursion to a beach [in Jamaica], which was designated clothing optional for the day. We had a ton of games, like water balloon race and toss, a dance competition they called positions, which was not as it sounds but quite the work out. We were also able to play volleyball - who knew sand volleyball was such a killer - my wife and I walked away with a bunch of prizes and a great time. Lunch was also served, Jamaican jerked pork, chicken, hamburgers and all the ‘fixins' - it was incredible, and all nude. Then on to Cozumel, where the clothing optional was another beach party or snorkeling. . . All in all you can never beat a cruise, but for sure never beat a NUDE cruise. Definitely need to give this a try. We are booked on a 15 day adventure next year to Hawaii, with 4 days at sea nude both directions. Hope to see some of ya'll on the next one.” – Kevin

“. . . we experienced an incredible day trip from St. Petersburg to Passage Key with Rusty & Vanessa’s Grin & Bare It Charters. . . As the five of us arrived at the Marina, we were greeted with friendly smiles and prepared for a six hour day cruise. The 90-minute boat ride to Passage Key was as wonderful as the destination. . . as soon as we cleared the inter-coastal, off came the clothes! Once at Passage Key, we joined a hundred or more nudist boaters in a true natural paradise . . . There’s nothing like a day on the water spending hours going from boat to water to boat to water.” - Grin & Bare It

“My husband and I have taken lots of cruises . . . And until last October, they had all been traditional (textile) sailings. . . So why did I wait so long to try a nude cruise? Maybe I needed something to push me over the edge . . . And that's exactly what happened on our last textile cruise. . . . on a ten-day Caribbean itinerary. . . we met a wonderful French couple on their honeymoon, Henri and Nicole. . . we met them in the hot tub and began to chat. In mid-sentence, and without any hesitation or as much as a glance to others, Nicole stood up, peeled off her one-piece swimsuit and placed it on the deck beside her. . . In a show of international solidarity, I immediately removed my top and we continued with our conversation. In less than ninety seconds, two crewmembers were leaning over us, shaking their heads . . . the expression on Nicole's face changed from confusion to astonishment. She couldn't believe she was being asked to cover up. Who could possibility care? ‘Do you think someone was offended by my body?’ ‘I don't know for sure,’ I answered. She lowered her voice to a whisper as she reached out to take my hand. ‘I pity them. It must be very frustrating, trying to impose their values on others.’ At that moment, I knew I was finished with textile cruises. . . Why had it taken me so long to realize that a ship full of nudists would be a little piece of heaven afloat on the ocean? After returning home, we booked our first nude cruise . . . So how did the Bare Necessities cruise compare to our previous textile voyages? . . . once you go on a nude cruise, you'll never want to go on a traditional sailing again.” – Jaye Frances

“Actually, naked boating isn't even rare. If you ask around you'll find that a fair number of the boating world is made up of stripping sailors, unclad kayakers, disrobing divers, and others who enjoy naked watersports. . . It's not just cruisers who take it all off when offshore. Even famous racing sailors like Sam Davies get naked when alone on long hot passages. ‘In the tropics, when it’s really hot, it’s better to do everything naked,’ says Sam. After all, when you're offshore, it's not public nudity - it's about as private as you can get. For ocean rowers, getting nude is a matter of chafe, and the more clothes you wear, the worse it gets. Because of that, rowing naked is more the rule than the exception.” - Yachtpals

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