Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still More Sharing

“[I] . . . became a home nudist-the second I got home from work the clothes came off. My friends knew this and even though some of them were not nudists they expected that when they visited my house I would not be wearing any clothing nor would some of my other guests.” - Mark P, MI

“One day I had titled on my email profile "home nudist" and a few days later my 68-year-old mother sends an email asking what I meant by that. To say the least it caught me off guard so much that I did not respond for a couple of days! But those days were actually helpful as it allowed me to think how to present my nudist lifestyle in a positive way. I came back telling her that I have indeed attended a nudist club, and have so much fun being with people of all ages and shapes, from kids to people her age. I think she accepted that explanation, as I did not get a rebuke in reply! Facebook also has been a great tool for starting conservations with friends and coworkers, and so far the reaction has been very positive. Some have asked me about my "clothing optional" vacation plans, and another admitted she would love to visit a nudist resort. By letting others know I am a nudist, I am able to educate them about the wholesome, fun lifestyle that allows you to meet others who enjoy just being without clothes, whether it's at a BBQ, a volleyball game, or a get-together dinner, the activities are endless.” - Rod N., OR

“How would they [parents] react to a surprise? If they take surprises well, you may allow yourself to be caught nude in your room or going to/from the bathroom, and such. Leave the bedroom door open at least partially. Carry the towel instead of wrapping yourself in it going to/from the shower. From there, you can expand. Not dressing immediately after a shower, but staying wrapped in a towel for longer and longer intervals, eventually unwrapping altogether. Are your parents easy for you to talk to? If so, you might mention something to gauge a possible reaction. Maybe something on TV or in a magazine might give an opening.” - Doug H.

“This last Sunday, after the morning service, I found my wife talking with our (female) senior pastor. She was enthusing about the naturist holiday we have just booked for March, in Lanzarote, and encouraging her to visit Infiniti on Fuerteventura in one of the non-naturist weeks. She then started talking about the clothes-optional days we enjoy at Abbey House Gardens. All this time, someone else from the church family was standing just to one side, waiting to talk with the pastor. So I think there is now someone else who has a fairly good idea of our interests and activities in this area.” - Sanuachap

“I recently had a few friends over to swim in my pool. Three were other girls and one was a guy. One of my girlfriends knew I liked going naked in my backyard. She said to me that if I was more comfortable naked, that she didn't mind. I asked her if she would be interested in trying it also? She said sure, but what about the others. So I got up the nerve to tell my friends that I enjoy tanning nude and if they wanted to try it they could. At first they all giggled, but to my surprise they were all in agreement. One after another, they began to take off their swim suits. But what I thought was a real turn on was seeing John, the only guy in our group take off his pants and go completely naked with four girls. What a sight! We spent hours playing in the pool and tanning. What a great experience.” – Sally S.

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