Sunday, February 5, 2012

Success Sharing Naturism

Here are thoughts and advice from three people who have had success sharing naturist beliefs with others.


“I have been a nudist for about 50 years from my early teens. When I was 16 or 17 I visited our local naturist club to ask about membership. Not a problem all I needed was a letter from my parents giving permission, with my parents not a chance. Fast forward 15 years by which time I was married and the proud father of three children. As a family we joined the club I had enquired at years before. What wonderful weekends we had out there, the kids enjoyed the pool and we all made some great friends. During those 15 years I had lost my father and we had bought a house with a 'Granny anex' for my mother. My mother started asking questions as to where we went at the weekends. I dodged the truth for a few months until my wife told me that I must tell my mother where we went on the weekends. Plucking up all of the courage I could muster I went into her lounge and told her that we were nudists, that we all enjoyed being without clothes and pointed out the some of our friends who visited were also nudists. Her reply came as a real shock. She said that it was fine that we enjoyed the nudist lifestyle and asked that we respect her friends when they visited meaning keep your clothes on. If we wanted to live nude at home that was not a problem and her parting comment was that if my father was still alive he would have loved to come to the club with us. So my parents were accepting of nudity and how would my life have changed if I had had the courage to ask them for permission to join the club back when I was 16/17?” - Badger

“. . . at the end of the day only you have some idea as to how your parents might react. If the relationship is good, and you frequently sit down and discuss things, then that could well be the way to go. If that's not the way it is, then the "disappearing clothes" option is probably best. Try walking naked with your towel in your hand from bathroom to bedroom (but not if you have to pass your parents' bedroom), leave your bedroom door open just a bit after a shower, but don't stay undressed for too long. Loose clothing or less clothing perhaps than you have in the past, but nothing too revealing; keep your underwear on. . . For me, the transition to home nudity was easy. It came with the arrival of a backyard pool for my wife and I. Our two grown-up daughters were living away from home, so skinny dipping seemed the logical thing to do - and my nude time just expanded from there. As a father, what would I have done if one of my daughters, when fifteen years old, had to come me . . . ? Sadly, I think I (and certainly my wife) would have confined her nude time to her own room - and worried about her a lot, because until I became a nudist, I never gave home or social nudity any thought.” - AussieIan

“For many years I've suffered with lower back problems, and for much of that time received chiropractic treatment. Four years ago we moved home. At that time my (female) chiropractor, who knew I was a nudist, suggested that I would benefit instead from regular remedial massage. Once we had moved, I selected a massage therapist from the local phone book, and have seen her regularly ever since. From Day One, she also has known that I'm a nudist. I lay on my stomach, she lowers my undies, and proceeds to massage my "glutes" (bottom), and then work up my spine - standard practice in the treatment of lower back pain. We have often discussed my penchant for nudity - home and social - and my visits to nude beaches and other venues. On my most recent visit I left her a copy of "Australian Sun and Health" magazine to browse. Prior to gaining the qualifications to be a massage therapist she had been a nurse who, in her own words, "always had a passion for anatomy". She has never had the least concern that some people, like myself, do go naked from time to time.” – Aussieian


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