Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nude Fun Walking and Hiking

“The best dress for walking is nakedness.” - Colin Fletcher

“Nude hiking is freedom and the ultimate way to experience nature.” – John

“You get out to experience nature, right? Well get out there as natural as you can. Feel the sun and breezes on the largest sensory organ on the human body . . . the skin.” – Rick

“People can enjoy hiking clothed, but freehikers know firsthand that doing so naked makes the experience quantitatively and qualitatively superior in every way.” – Mark Storey

“The first written account of a European climbing a mountain merely for pleasure appears to be by Petrarch in 1336. Why was such an account so long in coming? Historians . . . have missed the point. People didn't climb mountains for fun because so few of them thought to do it Nude!” –

For me a solo nude hike in a remote forest is a spiritual experience. It renews my soul and fills me with joy.” – Alan

I love everything about hiking nude – the feeling, the exercise, the beauty, and how it has fixed my head. Nude hiking has become such a wonderful, freeing experience that I call it freehiking. Every time I go for a freehike I'm more and more convinced of how enjoyable and good and right and wonderfully beneficial naturism, and especially freehiking, is for my life.

It’s wonderful to experience nature as you hike, and freehiking makes the link to nature so much stronger. Freehiking is really a spiritual experience, made more interesting and enjoyable when shared with good friends. I’ve made so many close, really life-long friends hiking nude.

Freehiking motivates me to me to exercise, bringing together so many positive feelings and motivations – the feel of sun and air on my body, the cooling as sweat evaporates, the visual beauty and interest of being one with nature, the aerobic beating of my heart. I love freehiking, so I easily get the exercise I need.

The freehiking experience defies simple description; it must be enjoyed first-hand. I've never heard of anyone saying they tried naked hiking and regretted or disliked it! It is addictive, but it is the most healthy addiction possible.

So how does someone get started freehiking? As mentioned, I was always interested in being naked, but didn’t understand how freeing and healthy it could be until I read a story on the Internet about a person who enjoyed freehiking. I decided to try it. I found a private area up a canyon, took off my clothes, and took a hike. Life has never been the same!

Here’s an account about how freehiking happened to Cheef:

“. . . it started raining while I was hiking, and in no time at all I was soaked. My heavy, soaking wet blue jeans soon began chafing my inner thighs as I walked. I doubted I would meet anyone in the rain, so I removed the jeans and hiked nude. . . When the rain quit, I just kept hiking nude. It dawned on me that the day before had been Labor day and I had only seen one hiker after leaving the road. The odds of meeting someone the next several days were minimal. I just decided I would do without the clothes for the rest of the week, which I did. I only dressed when I got within sight of the road. Ever since then, I have been hooked on nude hiking.”

Cheef and I are not alone. Many people enjoy freehiking as can be seen from the many quotes that follow:

“I enjoy hiking in the nude, free and feeling whole with Nature, the Earth and the Sky. It’s an overwhelming feeling of joy.” - Palm Springs Nudist

“Nothing beats the freedom of walking naked in the open air, unencumbered by the restrictive grip of clothing. Nothing. Not even gravity. I felt like a kid again.” – Tracy Issacs

“I personally enjoy hiking nude. It's a magnificent, often spiritual experience communing with nature in my natural state. . . To commune with nature in my natural state was such a transcendent experience that doubt just melted away. I discovered how ‘blind’ I had been before, smothering almost my entire organ of touch with clothing. Hiking clothed was like hiking with my hands over my eyes and peeking through little slits between my fingers. Feeling nature on every square inch of my body was exquisite. I craved the touch of the wind where it had never touched me before. I could sense the slightest change in temperature. The connection I felt with nature was palpable.” – Marty

“There's no way to explain it [freehiking] until you experience it. . . It's not about being lewd and crude and all that. It's just enjoyment.” - Andrew W.
“This summer I was able to go for a nude hike for a couple of miles at Cedar Trails in Ohio. My wife and I wandered through the woods and around a meadow for well over an hour, completely free and out of sight of people and signs of civilization. Until you have experienced freehiking you cannot appreciate the comfort of not having sweaty clothes clinging to your body.” – Nudiarist

“I have thought about this for awhile, looking for a way to express how I feel about hiking, the outdoors and being naked. . . I have often thought that there is a spiritual feeling from being in nature. . . I often feel that connection when I am alone in the woods. . . Being naked . . . just comfortable shoes and your true self to connect with nature and your God.” – Nude Walker

“When we first arrived [at Mountain Air Nudist Resort, Colorado] I was very nervous, and actually went into the bathroom to remove my clothes, and then persuaded my husband to go on a hike with me. We went on a hike, and I was in paradise. I loved every minute of it, and it gave me time with just him to become comfortable being naked in public, though we did pass people by the pool, and on the way to the trails.” – Texas Woman

“I have hiked nude in Yosemite National Park and it was great. I found a small waterfall and got in - something I have always wanted to do. The sun on my body and the cold water was so fantastic. Just below the falls the water pooled and I was able to soak up the experience. I hike nude whenever the opportunity comes up.” – John

“My favorite is hiking in the rain. The feeling of the cool random raindrops is unlike any other. After shedding the clothing, it's not long before it feels completely normal. The worst thing about the entire experience is knowing it has to end. I dread that time of having to get dressed.” – jcg

“I have been fortunate enough to freehike at Ohio's Cedar Trials, which has 5 miles of paths, and after feeling the freedom of not having sweaty clothes clinging to my skin, and feeling the cool breeze instead, I think it's weird that anyone would ever want to hike wearing textiles.” – The Political Naturist

“I am an avid nude hiker, and this most naturally healthy pursuit has forced me to seek out the unbeaten paths of the Sierra and the Big Sur mountains near my home. . . any true wilderness devotee would appreciate humanity's natural state, which is to be nude in the wilds.” - Jeffrey

“Been freehiking for a couple of years. Nothing more enjoyable than the freedom of enjoying the great outdoors with nothing inhibiting all the sensations the environment has to offer. The fact that I have also lost 30 lbs. is a bonus (not including the clothes). I highly recommend it to all hiking enthusiasts.” – dodger

“Freehiking is great. I don't mind hiking clothed if it’s cold; but if it is warm, the clothing has to go!” – yogaman

“I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the 2009 Naked European Walking Tour . . . The first day we climbed more than 1100 meters . . . We pitched camp amid cows and horses at a high pasture area called Angeralm, and for the next three days we did naked dayhikes from there to various peaks and passes. . . The wildflowers, including the deep blue gentian, were in full bloom. . . the days were all sunny and warm, perfect for naturist hiking. It was absolutely great.” – Milt

“For me there is no greater recreation activity then walking nude in the sunshine through a forest and meadow . . . You can't get this with clothes on. I stood there eyes closed slowly breathing the pine-scented air, sun warming my body . . . with a gentle warm breeze wafting up from the ground around my legs swirling around my body as if mother nature were giving me a wonderful hug. I looked at my body, the body of a lone creature contrasted against the granite, ground, wildflowers, and trees of this area. I felt dwarfed by such a magnificent spectacle as all the worldly stress of everyday life melted away in insignificance compared to such beauty. Thank you God for this moment and day.” - Jay

“I remember my first freehike in Utah just a few years ago, and how amazing it felt to the have the sun on my skin, and being at one with the earth. I went with a group I didn't know very well, but that's the thing about being nude together, it's easier to get to know each other and be real. We all have this unique thing in common. I had so much fun and have been freehiking ever since!” - Namaste Naturist

“I enjoy . . . hiking in the nude. Be warned it is addicting. It feels so great to be a part of nature this way.” - Steve

“I live in the desert near Palm Springs where I hike naked more than I do with clothes on. There's plenty of empty desert where I never encounter another hiker. It's more comfortable to hike naked in hot weather and I don't get tan lines.” - Ron

“[My wife] shares my interest in hiking, so we've done that a lot together. At one point on one of our hikes together near Provo, UT, I decided to be funny, and when I was a bit behind her on the trail, I slipped off the bottom half of my clothes and caught back up to her, just to see her reaction. She laughed, but told me not to put them back on. Later, we went off the trail a bit, and we both shed our clothes and just enjoyed the feel of the sun and wind on our skin.” - Cori

“I've had the joy of walking through a forest nude, feeling the spongy ground under my feet and the forest air kissing my skin. My husband and I strolled nude down the Hamma Hamma River in Washington.” - Crystal

“Nothing feels better that getting out in nature and getting nude and taking a hike. This year I have done away with the backpack and have a camo side pack that goes over my shoulder and a water bottle attached. When I hike I go during weekdays when most folks are at work or school.” - Gabare

“I belong to a naturist walking group . . . where I can enjoy discrete naked hikes in the wonder of God's Creation - this is simply just awesome!” - Ceci

“I had a great naked hiking and camping experience last weekend at the Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs, downstream from Hoover Dam. . . There were three of us, a 62 year old woman, a 46 year old man, and me, a 59 year old man. . . We hiked in nude from the highway to the river (about 2 miles), then along the river to our camp spot below the main beach and camping area. We encountered several groups along the way, but as usual, our nudity was not a problem. . . We spent the weekend getting in and out of the cold river, hiking to and soaking in the pools, and just generally hanging out in a beautiful area.” – Canyon Hawk

“I think I am definitely going to do all the summits nude! I love the experience of dropping the pack by the trail, and running up to the peak naked! . . . I'm sure there are many more nude summits in my future.” – Eric

“. . . there is a resort near Jacumba, CA that is clothing optional. . . I parked my car and with shoes, a walking stick, and water bottle headed up into the hills above the resort and out into the desert. . . The trail system is a mixture of footpaths, old jeep trails and dry sandy washes that cut into the granite creating a meandering path through the oddly shaped rock . . . Walking nude so far from my clothes felt wonderful. I soaked in the sun and breeze totally.” - Jay

“The weather has improved enough to get back out to the desert. . . it is desolate and the terrain appears harsh at times from a distance. I think it is only when you walk amongst it that the beauty and thriving life is evident if you’re open to it and being naked your whole body is open.” - Jay

“I went yesterday to our nature reserve, stripped, took of everything . . . including watch, glasses, shoes, socks, the lot. . . and went off, for a two hour hike. . . there is no better way to experience complete freedom, to experience nature in all it glory, just you the way you are supposed to be, with God and his creation. You don’t see the animals, but the sounds of so many creatures are all around you. The rustling of the wind in the trees, a gently cool breeze stroking your skin. . . moonlight which gives everything that special, spooky is the wrong word, appearance. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is fantastic.” - Habakukrsa

“Naked Hiker Day was a blast! I hiked from about nine in the morning to four in the afternoon completely in the nude! What an awesome day! It was sunny, sunny, sunny! . . . Hiking along the cool drafts of breeze felt wonderful all along my totally exposed body. The warm rays of the sun were free to hit along skin rarely exposed to the sun, creating wonderful large amounts of vitamin D reserves for the winter! . . . The day ended with lively conversations around a campfire at beautiful Chicken Spring Lake.” – Eric

[Why hike nude?] “There’s not much to discuss. It’s freedom. First, freedom in your head; then, freedom of the body.” - Konrad H.

“I find that being nude has a real benefit when it comes to hiking, it`s sooooo much more practical and comfortable, than having restrictive clothes that make you all hot and sweaty and chafing, plus you can do it in lower temps, when just hanging out sunbathing nude would be too chilly.” - Phil

“Freehiking brings one closer to nature, and the Creator, than is otherwise possible. Clothed, I feel like an observer of nature. Naked, I am a part of nature.” - Paul

“I love to be out in nature, the way God intended me, without a scrap of clothing, so that I can feel the sun, and, if it`s not too cold, the gentle wind. I really feel close to God and nature, when I am naked in nature.” - Jonathon

“There was a time that I used to laugh at the idea of nude hiking . . . I remember seeing photos of a nude hike posted at Valley View hot springs in Colorado (they were wearing only their hiking boots and backpacks), and I thought it was the goofiest thing I had ever seen. But since then I've been hiking on various occasions without my sweaty clothes on. It makes so much practical sense, and is far more comfortable . . . I've taken a real liking to it.” – Alan P.

“I used to hate hiking; when I would go hiking I would get exhausted, thirsty, and sweaty - it was simply a miserable experience. When I tried hiking nude I found it to be liberating and exhilarating, the feeling of walking, climbing, the sun, the wind and the feeling of freedom is amazing.” – Nude Explorer

“I found my overall experience hiking [the Deep Creek Hot Springs] trail to be fantastic! It was only a matter of getting out and openly doing it. To allow myself to be cloaked solely by God's created skin. To experience the natural way my body was meant to feel and witness the elements; and touch with harmony the inherited latent gene in the mind which validates all the senses when the body is purely in accordance with the way our early ancestors hunted and lived for thousands of years. This experience has opened a whole new dimension in hiking for me. It felt so good, so relaxing, and so very natural.” – Deep Creek Hot Springs Freehiker

“You’re more a part of the world when you’re not wearing a whole bunch of clothing. It connects you to the wilderness so much. You get up in the high country, in the tundra, and have a light breeze blowing, and it’s absolutely magical.” – George W.

“My wife and I are keen naked bush walkers. We have hiked many extreme tours (naked) all over Australia and the World. Our absolute favourite area is the Northwest of Western Australia. . . It is paradise on Earth. We climbed the second highest mountain in WA [naked] and spent many days in Wittenoom Gorge, Bee Gorge and the Karijini Gorges (also naked) - one of the most stunning places we've seen . . .” - karijini49

“. . . when freehiking . . . I almost always have a chance to meditate, a chance to converse with myself, with those I'm with, and with God, and a chance to feel a part of that which is around me. On every freehike we also try to take a moment for a contemplative and thankful prayer, and at the end of the hike, thanks and a hug for those who have graced us with their presence. I can think of few things more enjoyable.” - Nkdmn N Cps

“I feel connected to the natural world around me more when I am nude with nothing standing between me and the environment. . . For me it is very nearly a religious experience. I feel closer to my version of The Creator when I am nude in nature. I am a part of this wonderful world, another being sharing that space with the wild creatures that live there. I find my senses are more heightened. I feel and sense things more. My eyes are keener and my hearing sharper. I feel the breeze and the rain on my skin, or the sun. I am enveloped by the surrounding nature. I go out in nature to recharge my batteries, to renew my soul, and to scrub off the layers of crud that living in civilization tends to put on you. . . My memories of these hikes sustain me when I am cooped up in my civilized world. I savor these memories and look forward to the next hike to rejuvenate my soul.” - NudeAl

“Last year I started on a lifelong wish to do overnight hiking. I started with a three day hike around the southern tip of our state . . . I had a wonderful time. Went with a number of Christian friends. . . Have you tried nude hiking? It is the best!” - Alfie

“I love to hike naked and take several hikes each week during the summer, and once or twice a month in the winter, when the weather cooperates. When I get to one of my trailheads and take off my clothes and stand naked again, it's like my body breathes a sigh of relief at being cooped up in clothes since the last hike.” – BillBill

“. . . think of hiking naked as skinny dipping, not in the water, but in the breeze. There are few experiences that match the cleansing that occurs when one has an opportunity to peel off all of the layers of civilization . . . I feel blessed to have been allowed to experience in person, a special place of beauty and peace in my life.” – Dan

“I may not be in big wilderness . . . But the creek in my city has many deer, raccoons, skunks, foxes, birds, etc., and I have seen many of these wonderful creatures during my naked walks around the creek. . . My nude walks usually start about Midnight and I often end up noticing the coming of a new day when the sun starts to rise about 5- 5:30 am.” – Aqui Zinaga

“There is nothing better than communing with nature dressed as nature intended. A 5K nude walk in open countryside is just what the doctor ordered for de-stressing.” - Pete

“. . . when you are nude and have managed to not take along too many things, you can practically float along the trail. Not just smooth, flat trails but any trail. You can manage pretty well by leaving more things behind. It might be minimalist but it is also primativist . . . And it's more fun - but mainly because you're naked.” – Blue Train

“I have a strong appreciation for the ‘nature’ in ‘natur-ism.’ Being naked in a rustic environment is like a vitamin for me. I can get by day to day without it, but eventually it ‘catches up’ to me and I have to get out and get natural in the woods. Long leisurely walks in the nude where possible are delightful.” - Van

“Here in Charleston, South Carolina . . . Anne and I went to a secluded island . . . Leaving our clothes in a safe place, taking only a small satchel with supplies, we decided to go for a long hike through the forest, along the marsh, and hopefully explore a beach on the other side of the island we'd not ventured to before. Hiking nude is different because your body must physically navigate variable terrain. . . Seeing your partner's body perform the work of climbing, stepping, hopping, walking, and balancing is a completely different experience. . . The length of the hike, the hours spent far away from our clothes, and the exhilaration of experiencing our bodies and the natural terrain without clothing are what made that fall day so amazing and memorable to us both. I highly recommend . . . hiking nude.” – Christopher & Anne

But what if you run into someone when you’re freehiking? Won’t the clothed person get upset? Won’t you get arrested? Surprisingly, no, few people get upset, and getting arrested is very unlikely.

It’s not a bad idea to take along a loose cover-up like shorts, or a light kilt, or a long t-shirt to slip on if you hear someone coming. But sometimes you don’t hear people coming – they just appear. And it looks guilty and stupid to start jumping around trying to get dressed. In fact, the person may totally misunderstand your intentions if you jump naked into the brush at the side of the trail. My experience is that it’s better to just say nude, say something like: ‘Hi, hot day isn’t it’, and keep walking, or perhaps even stop to talk if the person is interested.

For instance, on one freehike I encountered a woman on a horse (you seldom hear a horse before it’s too late to dress). As she rode past we exchanged greetings. She said how nice it was that the rain had finally stopped, and how green the area was. I asked if I could take her photo - she agreed. She didn’t mention my nudity and didn’t seem embarrassed or upset at all.

Many other freehikers have had similar experiences meeting clothed people:

“I spent two days hiking nude in a California State Park. The only person I saw was a ranger that drove by on a back road; he just waved and kept going. . . A nude hike to a backcountry lake for a swim is the only way to go!” – Anonymous

“I’ve met people on the trail several times while hiking nude. Most just nod, say hello, maybe giggle a bit, then move on. And I ran into one woman once who, when she saw me, said, ‘I wish I had the guts to do that.’ I told her, ‘Why not?’ She thought about it a minute, then just took her clothes off. We hiked along together for about a half-hour.” - Rusty Stevens

“A great day was had on Mt. Martha. About 5 hours of naked hiking with my dog. Heard one couple so I called out, ‘Naked hiker coming.’ They smiled and agreed it was a hot day and kept on going. I finished hiking both summits, meeting no one until I was almost at the base. I looked up and suddenly saw a lady in front of me. She smiled. Asked a question about the trail. Never mentioned my nudity. We talked for about 5 minutes and I stayed naked to the trails end near the parking lot.” - Mike

“. . . my wife wanted to go for a hike. . . About 1 mile in on an old unused trail . . . My wife stopped . . . The next thing I knew she was naked. Well, I joined her. . . My wife was right, great fun, super feeling of freedom and my skin loved the sun and wind . . . The leaves were red, orange, yellow and falling with the wind. It was so natural . . . After a while we turned around and there were two couples just staring at us. . . We just said hi and I said why not join in. Believe it or not the women got naked and joined and then the men. The day continued, with all six of us naked hikers and with no loss for conversation. I guess this friendship will last a long time. . . This was a great day to remember . . .” - Bear

“I was in Yosemite National Park a few Springs ago . . . a beautiful day, sunny and looking to get warm . . . by the time I got to the top of the falls it was mid-morning and I reckoned this was about the place that most tourists stop, take their pics and head back for home. . . I wondered if I dared risk taking off my clothes. . . But I hadn't seen anyone for a while so I reckoned I should just give it a go. No sooner had I got my clothes off then I heard steps behind me. A woman with her young daughter were walking up the path behind me . . . I got the shock of my life but did my best to keep my cool and told them I hoped I hadn't startled them. She . . . suggested . . . that my clothes might have got soaked in the spray of the waterfall on the way up. . . She even said they had taken their own clothes off through that part . . . Then off they went. . . I can't have been going for more than a few minutes when I heard someone else behind me! No time to cover up, so I turned to brazen it out. It was a female park ranger! Now I was really busted! But she wished me good morning with nothing more than a smile... and a warning that she was about to meet a bunch of teenagers waiting round the next bend and I might want to cover up. . . from that point on, for the next five or six hours, I walked up and back along the valley trail, completely nude, without meeting a single person. . . I'm very grateful to the two women I bumped into for being so chilled and not scaring me out of my first proper hike!” - Greystoke

“. . . in Maine and Vermont where on remote trails my clothes are more often than not, packed away and unavailable. . . attitude is everything. It didn't take me too long hiking naked in different contexts, and encountering numerous people over time, to personally feel no difference between being dressed or undressed, in such situations. In my mind, I am simply another hiker using the trail and this projects. Most everyone I meet accepts me that way, totally. Any question of ‘lewdness’ is instantly dispelled under such circumstances. I have had many pleasant trailside conversations during such chance meetings. . . I have gone from starting a hike textile to hiking naked within the first mile, with some of my coworkers. They were not expecting it, yet settled into it very quickly, remarking that they were surprised at how natural, it appeared for me to be so, thus encouraging them to feel the same about the experience.” – FreewalkerMA

“I kept wondering what other hikers would say if they saw me hiking nude. . . after rounding a blind curve on the trail and having no time to cover up, there was a couple coming at me. I said hi . . . The guy looked surprised but said hello and the girl looked me over and smiled. I felt relieved again that people just didn't seem to care I was hiking nude. . . So, down the trail I went. I came across about 30 hikers on the way out with no negative reactions that I could sense except for a few surprised looks. The interactions were much the same as if I was hiking 'normal' - most people said hi and some passed by with no reaction. Two females hiking together stopped and talked to me about my dog for a bit and didn't mention my nudity, then wandered on. . . I'd guess that around 400 hikers have seen me in 8 years of nude hiking . . . The positive reactions have been numerous and have been subtle as smiles, to verbal comments like ‘Alright!’ or ‘I wish I had the guts to do that’ . . . I came across a lone female hiker who said ‘I've got to tell my husband about this!’ She told me she had always wanted to hike nude, but couldn't get her husband to do it and didn't feel safe hiking nude alone being female. . . I was hanging out nude at my favorite spot . . . when a female and her two male companions came down the side trail to where I was. They could see I was nude, but didn't seem to care. . . She said, ‘Alright, that's what we should be doing!’ [I] started on my way down. I turned back and noticed they had stopped and she was removing her clothes! It felt good that I had inspired someone else to try nude hiking!” - Steve

“I suspect clothed hikers totally approve of seeing the freedom expressed in a fellow hiker having the balls to hike nude and do what something inside them wishes they were doing themselves.” - Deep Creek Hot Springs Freehiker

Sunning, swimming, and otherwise being outdoors nude is wonderful, but freehiking is an altogether different experience. Freehiking is a unique blend of satisfaction, for a longer period of time, and over much more terrain. Comfortable footwear is required - I like low socks and tennis shoes. Water, snacks, sun or insect cream, and a compass are helpful, along with a hat and a camera if you like. By definition, clothes are usually left far behind when freehiking, except for a loose cover-up that can be easily carried. Depending on how far you decide to go, freehiking can be a lengthy and thrilling commitment, with heightened exhilaration. Freehiking is definitely fun.

“You know; it’s not rude to bathe in the nude, in the shower, a spa or the bath. Well out in the scrub, I walk in the nude; so I ‘bathe in the breeze’ on the path!” – Luis Cortes

“In recent years, it has become fashionable for a growing number of Swiss and some foreigners to wander in the Alps clad in little more than hiking shoes and sun screen. Last summer, the number of nude hikers increased to such an extent that the hills often seemed alive with the sound of everything but the swish of trousers. . . in Switzerland there is no law against hiking in the nude.” – John T.

“German naturists will soon have their own 18-km (11-mile) long trail for hiking in the nude . . . Heinz Ludwig, who runs a nearby campsite, has led the project to create the nudist trail that meanders up and down the Harz mountain range in central Germany . . . between the village of Dankerode and the Wippertal Dam. . . The trail is being marked with special signs warning the uninitiated that they could encounter nude hikers. ‘If you don't want to see people with nothing on then you should refrain from moving on!’, reads one warning sign.” - Caroline C.

“We were born to be walkers. Other forms of life creep, crawl, hop, leap, bound, gallop, swim or fly - but humans walk - and many of us find it to be a great delight. A regular schedule of walking boosts mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. It can lower high blood pressure, keep arteries healthy, relieve tension and anxiety and calm a troubled mind. Walking is the exercise that needs no gym. It is the prescription without medicine, a tranquilizer without a pill, weight control without a diet, therapy without a psychoanalyst, and a vacation that doesn't cost a penny. If we were born to be walkers we were also born naked so we were born to be naturist walkers.” - adapted from a piece by Dr. Dale E. Turner

“If two of the main purposes of hiking is to dive into nature and to experience the exhilaration of one’s physicality, clothing is obviously an obstacle.” - Jim C. Cunningham

“I have become an unabashed advocate of nude hiking. I've been day hiking and backpacking all my adult life, but when I started doing it nude a few years ago, I was changed forever. . . Try it . . . you'll like it.” – Mark Storey

“I lost my wilderness when I lost my fear. . . Once you lose your 'sense of wilderness' you gain something much more precious - the sense of existing as a part of the natural world. This is not something that ends when you come out of the woods. It's a life lesson . . . It's about experiencing nature in a direct way, and it's also about experiencing yourself in a direct way after you've removed your masks and set aside your filters of preconception. . . What makes wilderness natural is the fact that you are immersed in the natural world. Once you put clothing on in a deep woods spot, you aren't part of the wilderness anymore, you are in direct touch with civilization. You are wearing a mask that protects you not just physically, but also mentally from the wilderness.” - Shane

“You haven’t lived until you’ve hiked naked! . . . Hiking nude may be the ultimate experience of freedom. Nothing between you and the air allows you to totally relax and become one with the environment.” – InternationalNudist

“Amazing what a naked walk will do to recalibrate one's sanity barometer.” - FreewalkerMA


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