Saturday, February 4, 2012

Raised as a Nudist

This thought illustrates how nice it would be to belong to a naturist family. I wish I had been raised this way. Could this be real?


"I love being nude and try to be as much as possible. I am a 25 year old, African American beauty married for 7 years. I was raised a nudist and my family is very much on board. We have a family tradition of being nude at home. When friends came over they were shocked to see us all nude. But they soon accepted and join us. . . [when] we moved to a new city in the South. . . We openly told people that we don't wear clothes at home. Most laughed and thought we were joking until they came over and realized that we were telling the truth. Again, most accepted and even joined in, although some didn't. I met my husband during my high school years and I fell for him instantly but I was nervous about telling him what my family does. . . But one day I just decided he had to know and told to come over my house and, of course, I was naked along with my mom and sisters. He looked shocked but soon relaxed. He soon met other family members who are as diverse with nudity as we are. We ended up getting married. . . Then we finally moved to the house of my dream where we could go nude anywhere on our property. I love it and my neighbors' just had to get used to it. My family and friends are welcome to disrobe as soon they come over. Unlike my parents I want my husband to share in the nudity as well. . . I told my husband in 2012 I will be fully nude at home no matter what and no matter who comes over and when we have kids I will raise them like I was raised. Our family is great and I thank God for my parents and my upbringing.” – KaTrina, TN

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