Friday, February 10, 2012

We Continue Sharing

PJ and I have shared our feelings about naturism with all of our family and most of our friends. I even wrote a book about naturism for my kids.

Only two lady friends and one man have joined us, and all loved it. One drove from Dallas to Glen Eden in California to experience naturism. For years she referred to this as the best experience in her life.

Another lady was a co-worker who visited us several times. I remember the first time she visited. PJ picked her up at Olive Del's gate, and drove to our trailer where I was busy working naked on our deck. I could tell she was a little embarrassed seeing me nude for the first time, but as we toured around the park and introduced her to others she became more comfortable. By the time we reached the hot tub she was ready to join in. She never looked back - a natural nudist.

Finally, a man I hadn't met communicated with me about naturism on the Internet, and tried it on his own. He became a great friend and often came to visit us at the resort. His wife visited as well. We even stayed at their house where we met the family.

Recently, we invited a girl friend in Phoenix to join us at Shangri La for nude karaoke. She said she'd love to attend. That would be great fun. Hopefully she will.

We'll continue to share whenever it seems the right thing to do because we firmly believe naturism is very good for some people, like us. Has anyone else had similar success sharing?


Here are a few more experiences concerning sharing naturism with others.

“I knew for a long time that I enjoyed nudism before finally letting everyone know. It first came about because my parents and two young nieces accidentally caught me naked in the backyard from a distance. I managed to put shorts on before they got to me but the secret was out. I really hadn't tried to hide it, just had never admitted it to anyone. After that I thought 'why worry about who knows?' and I even felt that nudism was such a great way of life that I wanted to spread the word to others. So after that I would casually let others know I'm a nudist when discussing things like how warm it is, how good the sun feels, soaks in the hot tub, hiking, etc. It's really easy to just mention something like 'I've recently found out that I like hiking nude much better than clothed.' Or maybe, 'Yes, the sun feels great but I don't like tan lines so tan without clothes.' Then, of course, they ask why I do it . . . So we now try to tell everyone about nudism and have gotten mostly very positive feedback. My girlfriend's daughter has even stated it's fine if we are naked when she comes over (which we do now). And while recently staying with us a few days while recovering from surgery I noticed her walking down the hallway nude, so we are helping others get comfortable with their bodies. . . everyone we know, knows we are nudists and only one family member had any kind of negative reaction, and she got over it in time. So I really think we worry way too much about what others will think when we announce our nudism choice to others. Just present it with confidence and knowledge and it will go fine.” – Guy, CO

“. . . it wasn't until about 10 years ago, when we experienced our "first" social nude outing, that we began to appreciated what nudism is all about. Well, after a trip with two other nudist couples to Tulum, Mexico, I was showing pictures (clothed) of our trip to Mom. I did tell her that the beaches were clothing optional. Then she asked me if we went naked. It was then I told her we were nudists and showed a couple of pictures of us. Then she said "GEORGE ROBERT . . . if I could have only gotten your DADDY to do that!" Then she told me how she would be nude when we weren't home - Love you, Mom.” - Robert, SC

“I started going to nude beaches when I was in the military after I came back from the Gulf War and it changed the way I look at life. . . I told her [my sister] there was a beach I wanted to go to and that is was a nude beach. Well, she had never heard of it and was kind of interested. When we got to the parking lot she kind of got worried and asked if she had to be nude. I said no keep as many clothes on as you like but I am planning on going nude. Is that okay? She was fine with it and we had a good time when we got back to her house she proudly told her husband she had been to her first nude beach. I had still not told my mom or dad but I am pretty sure that sis took care of that. Some time later my mom began dropping hints . . . Anyway the whole entire family now knows and they don't think anything less of me, so far as I know. Every time one of my nieces or nephews likes to run around naked they say they take after their Uncle Alan, which is great for me!” – Alan, WA

“While my closest family members knew [I was a nudist], many other family members didn't know until this past summer. At that time I said something on Facebook about going camping. A half-sister asked where I liked to go camping and I mentioned Juniper Woods, telling of the beautiful grounds and wonderful people. Within 20 minutes I received a message from her telling me that she didn't know that I was a nudist. Other messages from friends and family members soon followed. None were judgmental; all of them simply said that they didn't know. Telling others that I'm a nudist never includes a drum-roll or fanfare. It's a statement of fact, just as my favorite color or work situation are statements of fact of who I am. With this way of telling people I haven't had lots of drama as a result. There are often questions, which leads to wonderful discussion. Sometimes I even find someone who wants to try the lifestyle on for size!” – Melissa, NY

“I love to skinny dip and was lucky enough to grow up in a household where my Mother loathed doing laundry. She especially hated to wash clothes that had Kansas river mud deeply ground into the fabric. But my Mom had the answer - skinny dipping. We went camping every weekend, almost always to the same location on Fall River in Butler County, Kansas, so we grew to know the other campers that frequented the area. One summer early in my life, my wonderful mother went around to each of the campsites and lamented her dislike for washing river mud from our clothes and swimsuits. She found several of the other mothers were like-minded on the chore, so she suggested we make the camp area "clothing optional" for all children under the age of 10 or so. Surprise, surprise, thereafter my brother, sister and I were naked from Friday night arrival until Sunday afternoon's departure. I honestly do not remember anyone complaining about us; even new campers seemed to just go with the flow. Life was good. I skinny dipped with the local children up until about the age of 12. . . Thank God for my mother . . . I have never, since that day, gone more than a few days without removing my stress by letting my skin come out to breathe. . . By the way, Mom still hates to do laundry.” - Randy, GA

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