Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nude Sunbathing and Beaches

“The naturists were the first social sunbathers, the first to turn what had been a medical necessity (to cure tuberculosis or combat rickets) into a way of life. Before about 1930, there was no real distinction between ‘sunbather’ and ‘nudist’. . . The nudists were devoted to healthy living and the great outdoors, and were simply sunbathers with attitude, fighting for things we now take for granted in our relationship with the Sun.” - Robert Mighall

“It's one of those warm, dry, late summer days. You arrive at the beach with just the bare essentials - towel, sunscreen, snacks, and some beach toys. You pick a spot near other families - perhaps your kids will meet a new friend or two? Once you spread out your towel, your ‘changing room’ is ready. You drop your clothes on the towel - or possibly put them in plastic bags to keep them separate and free of sand. No hassle, no problem, no smelly bathroom with filthy floors - and you know where your kids are at all times. With the sunscreen applied and a good book in hand, you settle back and enjoy the complete caress of the sun and gentle sea breeze. You notice in passing that the kids have selected an ideal sandcastle site (out of throwing distance from you), and have invited some neighboring children to help. The kids go at their castle-building with gusto, and the sand gets everywhere. You're not concerned though, as cleanup will be a snap. When it's time to go, you herd the kids towards the shallow water where they can rinse off all the extra sand. You pick up your youngest and assist them in rinsing off - perhaps using a bucket if the water is too cold or rough to stand in. Since there are no swimsuits to worry about, the cold is over quickly - in fact by the time you've helped everyone else into their clothes, you're practically dry. You rinse your feet off with a bucket of water before stepping into your shorts. How convenient, and how very natural - just another wonderful day at the beach.” – Alan P.

Perhaps one of the most pleasurable experiences of being a naturist is sunbathing naked, unhindered by clothing of any kind. The feeling of well being, as the sun bathes one's body, perhaps a gentle breeze caressing the skin, is something that needs to be experienced to be appreciated. Those who wear shorts or swimsuits, including women wearing a covering over their breasts, no matter how brief, do not experience the same thing, because the body knows that it’s wearing something so the brain focuses on the covered areas, especially if, say the swimming trunks are tight or wet due to swimming.

So, sunbathing nude feels good, is good for you, and is the most natural thing in the world. Here’s what a few people have said about it:

“I love the summer time lying in the sun and letting the warmth soak into my body. I can't think of anything more relaxing and enjoyable than sunbathing in the summertime naked.” – Lovin it

“I do quite a bit of sun tanning in the two canyons [Big or Little Cottonwood Canyons, Utah] . . . The hotter it is the higher I drive up the canyon. . . no clothes are better than those pesky tan lines.” - Leigh

“My first experience [at San Onofre nude beach] . . . I shrugged and slipped out of my clothes. No one noticed. No one cared. It felt fine. In fact it felt great. I felt free. It felt completely natural. And true to what I had previously read, it was truly a non-sexual experience. When I left . . . I felt different and somehow changed.” – Rancho, CA Man

“Arriving at the lake's edge [Hippie Hollow, TX] I settled in near a middle-aged couple who were both sporting a deep all-over tan. After a few minutes I decided to do what I had come to do, stood and stripped. And there I was, naked; there were no lightning strikes, shrieks of laughter or gasps of horror. It felt wonderful. I spread my towel and settled back to enjoy the experience, the sun, the wind and read the book I had brought. Later, I got up and explored the rest of the area with its many coves and rocks. I chatted with several people and got good directions on the best route from there to the airport. The experience was enlightening, exhilarating but too brief as I had to leave to catch my plane (and I didn't have to deal with a wet swimsuit!). There was not anything that felt the least bit sinful.” – Salt Lake City Man

“About ten years ago (in my 30's) I had a chronic problem with an itchy annoying rash on my penis. I went to a number of doctors who all gave me gooey ointments to apply, all to no avail. Finally one told me he always told mothers to expose their babies diaper rashes to the sun and it always helped. He suggested I try that. We had a home pool, and even by myself, in total privacy it was a tremendous embarrassment. However, the rash went away. Whenever it started to reappear, I'd go out back when the kids were at school and expose myself to the sunlight - it worked better than any ointment. After a while I became used to being without clothes by the pool and my wife began to join me. At first, we thought it would be some sort of ‘turn on’ for the two of us to enjoy. After about the first 10 minutes it lost its novelty and the ‘turn on’ was gone. However, we both noticed we hated big white buns, and ridiculous tan lines. The other thing we grew to dislike was getting out of the pool and having a wet swimsuit hanging on us like a wet diaper. (Didn't help the rash either!) Then one time we were on vacation and started looking for an out of the way beach to enjoy some private sun. NOT for some sexual turn on - we just didn't want to come back from the beach with those big white buns again. We couldn't find the right place to get naked, fearing we'd break the civil law, or end up the object of ridicule. Then one day, we stumbled onto a nude beach and felt a sense of relief. We knew we could be naked there and not be in trouble with the civil authorities. Did we set out to be ‘social nudists’? No, but there is safety in numbers. We also found that like ourselves, others on the beach were older, not ‘great looking’ and not there for some sort of turn on or perversion. They were there for the same reason we were - to get some sun.” - Midwestern U.S.A. Man

“My friend and his girlfriend took their clothes off right away, and suddenly there I was sitting fully clothed on a nude beach. My girlfriend joined in right away, but lay on her stomach as soon as she got her clothes off. I really felt out of place by this time, and so while sitting, I took off my shorts and shirt. At first I felt ‘naked’ as I had never been nude in front of any of these people before. But soon, with the warmth of the sun soaking into my skin, I began to feel a deep joy and freedom that I had never known before. Within a half-hour all four of us were frolicking in the surf. The immense freedom and power that come your way from being naked in the company of others in the sunlight and soaking in the rays of the sun is indescribable. I will never forget my first time at Zuma Beach. My friends and I were never the same and very much for the better after that day! In conclusion, I can only say what are you waiting for? You will love it!” – Seattle WA Man
“I demand the right to sunbathe nude in my garden, and so should we all.” – Mike S.

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