Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nude Fun

"The problem with many nudists is that they are stuck in some mindset that nudists and naturists are somehow not allowed to have fun and express themselves like much of the rest of society. Petanque tournaments and pot luck dinners are not the sort of activities that most people find fun." - Nudiarist

I agree totally with Nudiarist - naturism is "fun". Something I wrote a few years ago about the fun of naturism follows. Exploring the topic of naturist fun is a great winter activity. I can think of so many activities that are more fun done nude - hiking, camping, karaoke, and gardening to name just a few. Anyone else experienced activities that are more fun done nude?


Naturism Can Be Fun

“Modern cosmetic pharmacology focuses so heavily on eliminating depression that it entirely misses one essential point: depressed people are suffering from a lack of fun. Nobody ever describes depression as a ‘Fun Deficiency Syndrome’, but lack of fun is clearly the root cause of all depression. It is impossible to be depressed when you are having fun, yet modern therapies for depression seek only to minimize depressive symptoms while doing nothing to maximize the daily intake of fun. . . Everyone likes to have fun - no, we love to have fun. When we are having fun we forget ourselves and become one with our actions in a moment of pure playful enjoyment. Having fun goes beyond being happy. Happiness implies a baseline level of contentment and good feelings but it does not include the amusement, exhilaration, laughter and joy associated with fun. If depression is the illness of our age, fun is the cure. . . Fun is always more fun when it is shared with other people. This is why partying is an essential human behavior for regulating feelings of self-esteem and social worth. Having fun with other humans in a social setting stimulates serotonin and oxcytocin, two neurochemicals essential to feelings of security and being loved. So if you’re feeling depressed and nothing seems to be working, the only solution is to call some friends and go out and have some fun. It is clinically proven to make you feel better.” - h+ magazine

“Any kind of recreation can be enhanced with the removal of clothes!” – Bare-Belly

“You’ll never grow old as long as you remember to play in your birthday suit.” - NUWD

Put simply, naturists have more fun! . . . naturist activities are harmless, healthy, and fun, and the more people who realize this, the healthier in both body and mind people will be.

Nudity is not an activity in and of itself. It's simply my preferred choice in dress as I do other things I ‘want’ to do. There isn't anything people do that couldn't be done – in the right location – nude.

Most naturists seem to gravitate towards sunshine and water, so sunbathing and swimming are a given. But fun naturist activities certainly don’t stop there. Basically anything that can be done in clothing can also be done nude, with the exception of climbing Mount Everest perhaps.

Naturists play basketball and horseshoes, they bungee jump and bike, they sing karaoke and even fly kites. The list can go on and on: act in theater, barbeque, bike, bowl, build sand castles, canoe, cook, do archery/ballet/crafts/gymnastics/hobbies/household chores/martial arts/yoga, do yard work/carpentry/plumbing/painting, eat, exercise, fish, garden, golf, hike, hot tub, ice skate, surf, jog, kayak, do laundry, do photography, picnic, play cards/games/baseball/basketball/softball/tennis/volleyball/ping pong, play music and video games, read, ride horses, rollerblade, sail, scrapbook, sculpt, shop, sew, skateboard, sleep, snorkel, sunbathe, surf, surf the internet, swim, talk, walk, walk the dog, wash the car, watch movies, weight-lift, windsurf, wrestle, write. Naturists bowl nude, camp nude, yacht nude, dance nude, and some even work a regular job nude. Love some specific activity? Naturists do it in the nude. Oh, those wacky naturists.

There are so many fun things to do nude. As you consider the possibilities, perhaps you’ll be inspired to try these fun naturist activities as well. I hope so.

(More to come.)

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