Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Healthy Naturism

"I am a retired mental health professional. I have always considered Naturism to be one of the most therapeutic activities human beings can do for mental health and feelings of well-being. Stripping off all the encumberments and restictions of clothing enables us to rid ourselves of many psychological burdens as well. We become more in touch with our bodies and our place in Nature as we experience anew the exhilaration of all of our senses. The experience of social nudity brings a unique joy to participants. Looking at human beings just as they are, naked as God made them, and allowing others to see us the same way breaks through all kinds of defenses and barriers. We allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable, and therefore more trusting, communicative, caring, warm, respectful and protective of each other. We share much more of ourselves, having literally nothing to hide. We become more capable of loving other human beings." - Naturalswede

Amen! I'm positive that naked activities and exercise and the vitamin D gained during nude recreation has improved my health, even aside from the fact that normalizing the body fixed my head. Has anyone else experienced a healthier life because of naturism? - Ken


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