Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nude Fun - Camping

Camping goes right along with hiking. And we love freehiking, so we naturally love freecamping. We’ve enjoyed nude camp outings at Bear Lake in northern Utah, and at many locations in the red-rock country in southern Utah. We’ve camped nude in central California along the beautiful Big Sur coast. Nude is the best way to camp by far.

Many enjoy camping nude. Jim offers this wonderful description of naturist camping:

“Imagine . . . camping without having to be concerned about clothes. You rise to sun streaks piercing your tent, exit your sleeping bag in your natural night gown, amble to the lake shore and plunge in. The warming sun serves as your towel as you return to camp to the pleasant sounds of the birds as they discuss their breakfast menu. As others in your party rise, similarly smartly attired, you already have the campfire lighted. Growling stomachs chant approval to the welcome aroma of morning coffee and sizzling bacon. After a few days of such simple bliss, you may have to dig deep down into your pack to check the identification in your wallet, to see if your name isn’t ‘Adam’ (or ‘Eve’) after all” - Jim C. Cunningham

It seems that naturist camping inspires wonderful writers. Consider this description by the Bare Campers:

“I slip out of the tent as quietly as possible so as not to wake the rest of the family. As I stir the ashes of last nights campfire a small flame takes hold and I add a few dry twigs to the flame to ward off the morning chill while I marvel at the beauty around me. The morning mist still hangs heavy and drops of dew fall from the trees splashing on my bare shoulder, only then do I realize that I am totally naked in natures beauty. . . As I look around, the rest of the camp is starting to stir. Soon the smell of coffee fills the air and the clatter of pots and pans signals that breakfast is underway at many campsites. My own family is starting to stir and I watch as the kids slowly ease from their slumber. One by one they emerge from the tent, naked and rested. . . A gentle hand on my shoulder causes me to turn from watching the kids as now my wife stands beside me taking in the morning glory. She flips her sleep tossed hair back from her naked shoulders and laughs that she too needs to keep the sunscreen handy today. Now it really hits me, it’s Sunday morning and the kids aren’t fighting over the remote, the TV isn’t blaring, the garbage doesn’t need to be taken out, and best of all my cell phone isn’t ringing. Yes we really have found a little piece of paradise right here. I almost can’t believe that I’ve spent the entire weekend naked and free. . . What a great time we’ve had. We’ve made new friends, gotten closer together as a family, found out you really can survive without high speed internet and best of all mother nature really does have a great front porch. Will we be back? YOU BET! In fact the kids are already asking when they can come back to what they now call the NEKID CAMP.” – Bare Campers

Here are two more thoughts by naturist campers:

“I've been naked camping for 20 years now. I have run the gamut from car camping to back packing and a few years ago I got a travel trailer . . . I love getting out in nature and for me now camping in a nude campground is pretty close to heaven. Some are more to my liking than others and I have definitely camped nude outside of these places at remote locations in the desert and in the mountains, but it is really nice to get up in the morning and not have to ever worry about wearing clothes period. I have wonderful memories of nude camp outs with my friends from the Camping Bares, soaking in natural hot springs under the stars enjoying a glass of wine feeling the hot water soak my weary bones and contemplating the heavens. Great times.” - NudeAl

“I feel so comfortable here. Nudism is something I never even wondered about. My husband was the one always curious about it. So he wanted to try it and we agreed that if one of us were uncomfortable we wouldn't stay. But we never felt that way. . . I love the camping. I feel safer and more comfortable camping at a nudist park than anywhere else. The people are friendlier and it seems we all have so much in common. Everyone loves nature and the outdoors.” – Resort Guest


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