Friday, February 3, 2012

Share Naturist Beliefs

"Take every opportunity you can to get your duds off in public settings (barring those times when you would face arrest, unless on purpose) . . . Sure, we run the risk of someone discovering us, but it might just give us an opportunity to state our views on simple, social nudity. Peter, in the New Testament, wrote (I paraphrase), “Be ready at all times to give an answer to the faith that lies within you.” How about it, naturists? Can you state your naturist ideals in twentyfive words of less? Would that explanation make sense? Do you understand it yourself? A good friend of mine used to challenge me to elucidate my beliefs clearly, stating that most people didn’t even understand their own position on a subject! If we can’t argue convincingly to ourselves, how do we expect to persuade others? . . . Don’t miss opportunities to put in a good word for social nudity. Be proud of those naturist venues you attend. If you live in a naturist/nudist community, don’t hide it. I’m not saying you should stand on a soapbox, handing out leaflets, but don’t lie about where you stay. . . Is there a cost to this? In some cases, yes, but, if we really believe in our naturism, shouldn’t we be willing to accept that?" - Tom Pine

I agree completely with Tom. How about you? What have you done or what can you do to share your naturists beliefs?

Here are a few others who understand how important it is to share naturist beliefs with others:

“Most know [we are nudists] already but we have a significant wedding anniversary coming up and my wife has collected a load of photos to put up around the place. Although none are full frontal, anyone, friend or family who sees them will be left in no doubt! Should be a fun party!” - Barelee

“Basically, I feel like the more you and your parents get along and treat each other with respect, the more likely they are to be cool with you being more naked around the house. If they are cool with it, I would suggest pushing things a little bit at a time. Maybe stop wearing bras at home. Then, if they don't complain, after a while, stop wearing pants/skirt/shorts/whatever, but leave your panties on. If that flies, take your shirt off, and then go completely nude. They will probably ask why you're doing this. Just say honestly why you like to be naked. Hopefully they'll listen and not have a problem with it.” - Nia

“When I first started going to a nudist resort in my area I did not tell any of my friends or family members about my becoming a nudist. However, I soon felt I wanted them to hear the story from me in the way I wanted to tell it and at a time that I was comfortable telling them. . . I also did not want them to get the impression that I felt that I was doing something wrong of something I was ashamed of. So one time when I was visiting one of my sisters and my Mother (along with other family members) the subject of my tanned arms and face came up. I told them that I had been going to a place where I could sit in the sun and get a tan as well as swim and I had an all-over tan (no tan lines). My other sister found out from me sometime later and she thought it was absolutely great. Again, she would not participate in it herself but she not only accepted it but on a later visit (when the weather was warmer) invited me for a swim in her pool. The pool was in an area secluded enough so I did not need a suit even though she and her husband did wear them. I now live in a clothing optional community where (weather permitting) I can go around nude as much as I want. Both my sisters and their husbands have visited me where I live now and are glad to see how happy I am here . . .” - George W., WV

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