Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Sharing Naturism

“I am very open about being a nudist. I feel it is important to let people know and to get rid of all the ideas that people have about nudists. . . I am very open with my family, friends and co-workers about me being a nudist and love introducing newbies to the experience. Most people are shocked at first, but always seem to come back with questions about the lifestyle. Most questions are from people being curious or they comment on their own body and that they feel that they would be uncomfortable in that situation. I always explain to people that it's not about how you look, but being able to accept your body as it is and as a nudist, you get to meet all types of people and body types and you get to know the people for who they are and not by how they look.” - J Anderson, CA

“I tried to "show-and-tell" one morning when I was still in high school. I walked to the kitchen to have something to drink in the buff. Didn't get a good response and [my family] didn't talk about the incident after that. Silver lining in all this is that they sometimes, very rarely, joke about it. They might know or think that I am just odd. But I have been giving hints every now and then. So I think everyone in my family might know... or not.” – Talvi

“I grew up in a VERY conservative mid-western town and at age nine had the shock of my life. A new family moved down the street and had three sons, one my age, and we became friends. My parents were going out of town one weekend and I asked if I could stay behind at my new friend's house. I arrived Friday after dinner, we played outside for a while then bedtime came. As we walked up to my friend's bedroom his older two brothers came out of their room not wearing a stitch of clothing. I just stared at them and didn't say a thing then we got to the bedroom and my friend took off everything, looked at me and said "Aren't you going to get undressed for bed?" I said "You mean naked like you?" He just looked at me funny and said "Yeah!" So, off came my clothes. We woke the next morning and he goes running downstairs, still naked. So I just followed. We get downstairs and there stands his mother in the kitchen, his brothers and father at the kitchen table and none of them had any clothes on.” - Mark P, MI

“Perhaps the "nude" revolution will be one person at a time. Since the time I was discovered nude by my wife's girlfriend there has been a more open dialogue with some of our closer friends about our home nudity. In fact it has met with more approval than I expected. Small steps toward a more perfect world. . . I had another moment a few days ago. In order to prepare to work an all-night shift I took an afternoon nap. The alarm was set so Mrs. Walker and I could spend some time before leaving for work, so not hearing any noise in the house when I awoke I just strolled into the living room. Before the wife could say anything I walked in on her niece and husband. So, after a brief discussion; there are two more in the family that know and at this rate by year’s end everyone will know!” – Nudewalker

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