Friday, February 24, 2012

Nude Fun Swimming and Soaking

“I will go to the bank by the wood and become undisguised and naked.” - Walt Whitman

“Is there nothing more natural than being received naked by the ocean?” - Australian Writer

“Body shame is a social disease. Wearing a swimsuit while swimming makes as much sense as wearing a bathing suit while bathing! Take your clothes off and live! Don't let The Man make you wear a soggy shame suit when your birthday suit fits best!” –

“Swim naked. Skin is the best swimsuit.” – Bare Danmark

Why would anyone wear clothing to swim? If you don't wear clothing in the bath or shower, why put on clothes to jump in the ocean or a lake or pool? It won't make you any warmer. It won't protect you from getting wet. And when you get out of the water in a wet and soggy swimsuit, it still doesn't make you warm - it rather makes you cold! Naturism and water just go together hand in glove as the people below point out:

“The only thing better than sitting here with nothing on, is going into the water with nothing on.” - Sharon C.

“Swimming nude is definitely the best. Not sure why, but it just feels so much better, no sticky swimsuit stuck to you, just the smooth water flowing over your body.” - Jerry

“. . . swimming in my birthday suit was such an enriching experience. I felt myself coming alive again, like when I was kid. I didn’t worry about what others thought of me or my body. I just swam. I could feel my hair cascade down my back in waves as if I was a mermaid . . . I don’t think I could swim with something on again. It would be far too constricting. Besides, it would be far too cruel to capture a fish once she has been freed. I’ll just follow the tides.” - Sara L.

“Swimming naked is absolutely wonderful. It's a bit of who I am and I'm not worried about my body. And it's fun. We're not showing off, we're swimming.” - Jill

“I love swimming nude (and now hate swimming with clothes on). On family outings, we have chosen nudist resorts over hotels several times because they offer the opportunity to swim nude.” – Alan P.

“As the weather gets warmer, I keep thinking about one of my favorite nude past times. Skinny Dipping! I love to skinny dip! To feel the water over my body and to be free in the open air. There really is no other sensation like it.” – Mahoning Valley Naturist

“We've snorkeled nude every time we've take our nude vacation in the Bahamas. It's absolutely fantastic being in the water like that completely nude. It's like swimming in a giant aquarium.” - jandatxnude

“My husband Ivan and I got started on it [skinny dipping] when we were young travelling around Australia and have enjoyed the fun of it ever since. I really can't imagine life without its simple pleasures. For me it's about the liberation and oneness of nature. And don't people look funny with their bits of string pretending to be covered up when they are letting it all hang out in bikinis and budgie smugglers? It's such a jolly topic and so harmless.” - Cate M.

“Our first experience skinny dipping was in Hawaii . . . It was amazing!! I loved it and came home looking for a place that we could do it legally.” – Texas Woman

“There’s nothing more enjoyable than swimming and socialising in the nude. My wife and I discovered nudism five years ago during a tour of Australia. We came across a ‘free beach’ at Darwin and decided to give it a go, just for the heck of it. The experience of swimming nude in the ocean was incredibly liberating and we went on to visit other nudist locations and resorts." – Bill S.

“. . . we decided that we would buy us a pool this year. After the financing of our huge 15' round by 3' deep pool (100 dollars, Big Lots special), we realized it was going to be a wonderful summer. Labor Day weekend was the kickoff. Our friends . . . Pioneer, his wife and 2 kids came up and we had our inaugural soak for the length of the three-day weekend. It was fantastic. But so as to make it complete, we did do clothed activities as well. . . we were naked at least the majority of the afternoons this summer . . . the best money we spent was on that hundred dollar pool.” – Kevin

“Naturally nude was the way we were determined to be, the same way people have soaked in hot springs since time began. We don’t soak if wearing clothing in the water is necessary; we feel it’s against nature and is an abomination.” – Camilla & Bill

[At Deep Creek Hot Springs] “I thought I'd attempt to make myself into a ‘mud beast’ . . . I stepped out into the knee-deep, black mud and dug down into the bottom where the really gooey stuff was. . . After I had superheated myself in the hottest spring, I slathered myself from head to toe with the black mud - and then went on the prowl, as mud beasts are inclined to do. . . How many places do you know where you can walk around, in your birthday suit, caked with drying mud, in the middle of winter - and everyone around you thinks this is completely normal? . . . After the mud dried (and I could just feel it pulling out the toxins in my skin), I washed it off and went up to the upstream hot pool to heat up again and visit with the neighbors there. Once I got good and hot again, I decided it was time to take my mandatory swim downstream to the main springs. ‘This is going to hurt,’ I said, just as I plopped straight from the hot water into the freezing river. It did - but in a good way.” – Alan P.

“I feel sorry for people who are stuck in the textile lifestyle and who can't go out and enjoy a swim in a pool like I can.” - Rich

“I try to swim one half mile every day. (That's a bunch of laps in my pool.) I have been "doing my laps" nude for a few years now. No drag from a swim suit and less clothes to wash.” - Gloria

“We have had a hot tub of one kind or another since 1971 and no suits have passed thru our hot tub!!! Except the one time in 1971 when a modest man did and the soap suds removed from his suit when the jets were on filled half the backyard!!” - B.T.

“When we got our hot tub my wife who is not of the same attitude as I regarding nudity, wore a bathing suit in the tub only once to realize it was stupid. Now it's nude all the time.” – Dekref

“We have friends who have a hot tub that is a ‘no bathing suit zone’. . . the hot tub can be a good introduction to social nudism. That is how we got involved - at our friends' house in their hot tub. It is a totally safe place and relaxing.” – Boreas

“When we first got our spa . . . we became a little braver and would venture out in the nude. It felt so wonderful, freeing, and much less expensive. Wonderful because the feeling of the water on the body with jets enveloping the body was a real experience. It was freeing because there were no restrictions, or inhibitions. Best of all, we didn't have to waste money on suits that deteriorated very quickly. We have had our Spa for three years now and wouldn't dream of ever wearing a suit again.” - B.

“Suits in our spa? Yeah, right! We tell our guests that they are free to do whatever they want so long as they don't mind seeing other people naked. Of the 21 different people who have spa'ed with us, not a one has ever gone the suit route. I guess we just have intelligent friends.” - D.P.

“As I take my place on the starting block, a hush sweeps around the spectators at the side of the swimming pool. A race is about to begin. The Union Jack is emblazoned on my swimming cap and to my left – poised and at the ready – are two lithe and toned Germans. I am competing for Great Britain at an international swimming competition and . . . I am completely and utterly stark naked. And about to take part in the world’s largest nude swimming gala in front of hundreds of total strangers. . . The global swimming championships were first launched in 1971. National teams from eight countries have come to take part: Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and Switzerland.” – Jessica H.

“Regardless of our views about nudity, whether personal or societal, EVERYONE should swim nude. All public pools should require that no swimsuits be worn, or that they be worn optionally at each swimmer’s discretion. . . Swimsuits don't keep us warm and they don't keep us dry, so what's the point? They are a completely useless piece of clothing. . . We all know what each other has underneath our clothes, so our swimsuits aren't hiding anything shocking anyway. It's time for our society to learn the difference between chaste nudity and overt sexuality. It's time to grow up.” - Snakeman

“Truth is, most of us contain a splashing, giggling, squealing child who knows without thinking that bare skin and water go together as wings go with air, roots with earth, and the phoenix with incendiary sun. . . Bare skin is the one and only right criterion for receiving water's gracious acceptance or any acceptance whatsoever from that element.” - Janet L.

“Once you’ve gotten used to swimming with no clothes on, or lying on the beach with no clothes on, it’s just not the same any other way.” - Jeff H.

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