Monday, February 27, 2012

Nude Fun - Gardening and Yard Work

“Spring’s here and it’s time to get outdoors and play in the dirt! Naked, of course.” – All Nudist

“Gardening is one of the most popular outdoor hobbies worldwide. Doing it in the nude adds a pleasure almost indescribable. When you are in the garden with a gentle breeze and the kiss of the sun on your skin a connection with nature is inevitable.” - Katie R.

“Why garden naked? First of all, it's fun! Second only to swimming, gardening is at the top of the list of family-friendly activities people are most ready to consider doing nude. Moreover, our culture needs to move toward a healthy sense of both body acceptance and our relation to the natural environment. Gardening naked is not only a simple joy, it reminds us - even if only for those few sunkissed minutes - that we can be honest with who we are as humans and as part of this planet. All that's involved is getting naked and making the world's gardens - whatever their size, public or private - healthier and more attractive.” – World Naked Garden Day

Nude gardening is one of our favorite pastimes. We’ve participated in the World Naked Gardening Day, the second weekend of May, for several years. One spring I built my wife a box garden on our apartment balcony. In 2010 we joined others to build a flower bed at the end on Olive Dell Ranch’s tennis court.

We’ve been building an entire nude garden park at Olive Dell Ranch – Dellymaze Park. It has a spectacular rock garden area, nearly a mile of rock-lined trails, and wonderful fantasy features with small buildings and characters. There’s a dinosaur-bone dig, a zombie cave, a castle land, a strange bird circle, an alien landing site, angels, pigs, ferries – the list goes on and on and keeps growing. It’s advertised each month to naturists around the world, and has become such an attraction that we give nude tours to new guests nearly every weekend.

But of course the best part of nude gardening is just being natural in the shade and sun. With naked gardening you're cool even on a hot day - the sweat naturally cools you body, and of course there are no sweaty clothes to make you uncomfortable, and no laundry afterwards. And you don't have to worry about getting dirty - we just head to the outside showers at the clubhouse - heaven. We'd recommend nude gardening to everyone. We just love it.

Here are some thoughts from others who also love gardening in the buff:

“A really lovely garden - peaceful and beautiful, especially without clothes!” – Visitor to the Naked Garden

“Our 15 acres of olives provides a lot of opportunity to get naked and have fun. I am spending the morning with my houseplants out in the rain, cleaning up the pots, and pruning, and getting rid of the dead leaves on them. . . A beautiful, gray, day, and the rain feels good on my skin! Go Forth, NAKED!” - Leeanne

“Farming as naturists provides us the good fortune of what American poet and essayist Wendell Berry calls ‘right livelihood’. . . Working as naturists with the soil, plants, and each other enables us to experience our connection to the earth and our interconnectedness with all life. Naked in nature, we transcend from observer to participant. . . We savor the magical moments and happy images.” – Roger

“I live in Southern California and have been working in my avocado grove naked, almost every weekend, for the past 13 years. There is nothing I would rather do than work outdoors naked. It is the greatest feeling . . . with the breeze blowing and the sun kissing your skin. I love being naked outdoors.” – World Naked Gardening Day Participant

“Today I was able to garden naked – it felt so wonderful. Sure I sweated like always, but it felt so much better to not have wet, filthy clothes hanging all over me. The sweat just cooled my body and made me comfortable. And it was so rewarding to create a beautiful garden. And I love how comfortable my wife is with me gardening naked; she joins in of course - the perfect wife.” – Kenneth Jaines

“We feel most comfortable when we are in the nude. We do not think clothing should get in the way. It is a family pastime. . . We are both naturists . . . We just take off our clothes and walk around the garden. . . In the summer I spend a lot of my time in the garden with my partner in the nude.” - Jeremy & Janet T.
“Gardening naked is not only a simple joy, it reminds us that we can be honest with who we are as humans and as part of this planet. . . I see it as a way to celebrate the beautiful place we have to live and not take anything for granted in this wonderful universe. We forget to celebrate that we are physical beings in a physical environment.” – Bill S.

“. . . there is something too profound for words about sweating naked in your own garden, snacking on peas straight from the pod, rinsing off in a mountain brook, lying naked on pine needles, drying off in the summer breeze, facing the sunny sky, arms outstretched, fully and lushly praying the Lord’s Prayer.” - Jim C. Cunningham

“I've been gardening naked for 40 years now. . . To top off a day of nude gardening, my wife and I enjoy a hot/cold outside shower and then just dry off in the sun. Difficult to imagine how it could get much better!” – F. F.

“Finally, the Seattle, Washington weather is dry and warm enough for some serious backyard naked gardening. I've been able to clean up the veggie bed, throw on some home-made compost, chop some wood, weed like crazy, hand-mow the back yard, and water two new native trees planted to help increase the yard's privacy - and all clothes-free . . . I've become a bit of a fair-weather gardener. If I can't work outside naked, I usually find other things to do indoors. The neighbors to all four sides of us know of our inclinations toward naked gardening . . . every one of them so far has been cool with our backyard gardening nudity. We take the time to meet them clothed, let them get to know us a bit for a while, and later when the weather improves and we're outside as nature intended, they see us pretty much for what we are: whackos, but nice, easygoing, considerate whackos.” - Mark Storey

“Saturday here in Southern California . . . I was able to spend 2 1/2 glorious hours working naked in the yard and thoroughly enjoyed my time. . . There is nothing finer than working without the encumbrance of clothing. . . Let’s continue to stay naked as we garden.” - Dwight

“I have a lot of nude gardening experience because I live in a small apartment and have only two window plants that I water once a week in the nude.” – George

“Yesterday it was a balmy 75 degrees, a perfect day for nude gardening. Mowing and trimming trees are a lot more enjoyable when the soft breezes can whisk away the sweat from a naked body. It was great.” - Milt

“But gardening is special - coaxing life from the fertile soil, hearkening the inveterate calling of man to be a part of the natural cycle. What could be more primal than growing your own patch of zucchini naked?” – Eric O.

“My wife and I have been doing a fair amount of skinny gardening, as the weather has been perfect. The trees in the yard have filled in nicely, giving us some privacy from the neighbors, and allowing us to tend the tomatoes and vegetables in the raw.” – Kevin

“After my husband passed on and after I retired from teaching, I just started gradually drifting back to my old lifestyle of the naked ‘hippie’ chick. . . I do most of my gardening and lawn-mowing au-natural except for a bandanna to keep the sweat out of my eyes and the bugs out of my hair and an old pair of running shoes to protect my feet. I'm not a person who frets about getting all dirty or sweaty either. Working in my garden (naked) does this.” - Linda

“It feels wholesome and healthy to work nude in the warm Spring or Summer days, bare feet in the gardens. . . I had negative feelings about my body when younger, but working naked with other men and women, being in harmony with the earth, is just a relief and a joy.” – Paul

“I . . . experienced gardening without clothing . . . so I know that feeling of spiritual grounding with the earth. Doing farming chores when naked expands that feeling to my whole body. I feel the energy of the sun, wind, and the earth itself. There is a oneness of purpose with my fellow workers to cooperate with mother nature to raise this wonderful food.” – Dennis

“Eventually I tried it [naked gardening] and it feels lovely to have the sun on your back and to feel the plants while you are working in the borders. . . If you don't try things in life you never know the answer, so we just did it. . . Naked gardening puts a smile on people's faces . . .” – Barbara Pollard, The Naked Gardener at Abby House, England

“The ground is drying out and warming up, so the weeds are beginning to take off, and the ‘good’ plants are starting to blossom. My peach is setting buds, and my camellia has already bloomed. So that means I can begin shedding my winter duds, get some vitamin D and start gardening - naked. I did so today, weeding about 40 feet of flower bed, and pulling up lots of dead and decaying leaves from under trees and bushes. It felt great to be outdoors in the sun!” – Train44buff

“But naked, we are as close as possible to Nature, right in it, tending our bit of it, or somebody else's, the way, surely, God intended. . . So we shouldn't be ashamed. Gardening naked is something anyone can do . . .” - Iain H.

“We do most everything we can without clothes. In the backyard, it’s private, and why not garden naked too?” - Guy P.

“There is something special about waking up at sunrise and going out into the garden, taking your clothes off and playing in the dirt au naturel. . . As you stand naked in a garden, you feel the world loosening around you. . . these benefits increase exponentially when you garden naked. . . communing with the pansies without panties, so to speak. People often ask why we feel the need to take off our clothes to trim the fruit trees. ‘Because it’s fun!’ . . . The sun is cleansing and provides that all-important vitamin D. . . Gardening in the nude is wonderful exercise. We are getting in a good stretch while planting healthy foods and flowers. And naked organic gardening makes my connection to the earth, sun, and water feel more meaningful. . . Mother Earth . . . gracefully urges us with her fruitful body to seek union with all living things. Come into nature, she says. Take your clothes off and garden with me. . . You can’t go wrong when you garden naturally.” – Jay N.

“Gardening . . . Once people understand how good it feels to work naked with soil or plants, it’s likely they will think of naturism in a new light. Naturists know that being naked feels good, but being naked while physically active and doing some good in the world is even better.” – N Trends

Gardening in the nude. Let's be honest, we have all dreamed about doing it. Bellies flapping in the breeze, genitals unencumbered by sperm-count-reducing underwear, the light ffffft fffffft of semi-moist skin bouncing off other semi-moist skin as you pad across the lawn unashamed. What's not to love, America?” - Matt V.

“Instead of nude gardening day, I suggest a nude gardening year, every year.” – Malcolm A.


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