Saturday, July 2, 2011

Driving Nude Advice

"I've driven naked several times and it's a fairly safe thing to do provided you obey the rules of the road and don't draw attention to yourself. Just think for a moment, when you're driving in your car, do really notice the other people in the other cars around you and, more specifically, what they're wearing? No! You do not. . . On the highway or rural back country roads, with the vehicle in motion, someone in another vehicle, or by the side of the road, would be lucky to get even a fleeting glimpse of your nude body. And even then it would only be the head, shoulders and chest . . . If you have tinted glass on the side windows it is even less likely that someone will see you. . . It is wise, however, to have something that you can quickly wrap yourself in, should the need arise. A solution to this problem, for guys, would be a kilt that has a waistband that buttons together on the side. With nothing on underneath, you could simply undo the buttons, throw the front part over to one side and remain sitting on the back part of the kilt while driving. When the need arises to cover up, just pull the front part over and do up the buttons. Velcro would probably work quicker than buttons, but may not be as secure when walking about in the kilt. It's your choice. For women, a tube dress made of stretchy Lycra/spandex could work quite well. The dress could be completely removed or pulled all way down to her ankles while sitting on the passenger side and could be quickly pulled up, if need be. There is no front or back to these type dresses, really, so she won't have to fuss around very much to get it on just right. If the woman is driving the car, the dress should be removed completely. If left around the ankles it could interfere with the operation of the pedals and that could be dangerous. Store it in the map pocket on the door or someplace where it can be reached quickly. Plan your route carefully, turn off the air conditioning and open the sunroof, if you dare. Happy Motoring!" - NakedNewf

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