Monday, July 25, 2011

Even More Nude Drivers

“Saturday I drove 1.5 hours to Cherokee Lodge in Crossville, TN. It was my third time visiting so I was familiar with the place. Nice time there, got some work done on the laptop, went in the pool, laid out just a little bit, had a walk. Good time. Decided to drive home nude on the interstate. FIRST TIME ever doing this on the interstate. Figured no one could see as cars were only passing me and my windows are tinted. Drove this way for 60 miles when I look up and suddenly see what appears to be a cop car behind me. I freak out thinking someone saw me naked and called police. Luckily, the car passed me and it was a fire station car (car for fire dept.). Continued driving until I got into heavy traffic and I slipped my clothes on. “ – Jozimmer

“I have often driven naked. Since we are in the midst of a heat wave I have had a couple of opportunities to drive naked recently. I have an old two seater rag top and last night I was craving a twilight drive to cool down. I had a wrap at the ready and as I headed out of town, I rounded a corner and there were some people on the side walk. One of the individuals started jumping up and down. It seemed like he was trying to get a look in the car at my lap. I'm sure I past too quickly, but it made me think, that person actually thought I might be naked!” – Eddie

“We'll have a short SRT starting tomorrow. We are visiting friends and will do some naked driving while going to their home. It's a couple hours away but it's better than nothing and I love to drive naked for extended periods of time! That's why I'm looking forward to our trip up to NorCal after this short drive. 5 hour minimum naked drives with stops in between to enjoy a little leg stretch, au naturel, is what I'm talkin' bout!” - FireProf

“My used Jeep Wrangler came with after-market tinted side windows which makes it more difficult for fellow motorists to peer into my vehicle. Combined with the higher profile, I can drive comfortably and confidently nude. It doesn't have air-conditioning, so being naked inside is a bit of a survival necessity on these hot summer afternoons. For the record, I always wear my seat belt; I feel vulnerable (i.e. 'naked') without it.” – Au Naturale

“I had to take a trip of considerable distance so I started to play a game of trying to see how many drivers were actually wearing seat belts. Opposing traffic moves so quickly that it was almost impossible to tell unless the seat belt contrasted with their clothing. So being that difficult I reasoned that I may as well lose the shorts so a quick pull over was in order. As usual the drive was much more pleasant as always when unencumbered by clothing! The conclusion for anyone who is contemplating a nude drive but is still unsure, it would seem that the only ones who could see you are next to you traveling the same direction in a vehicle that is quite a bit above yours. I even tried to look into other vehicles on this trip and only one little sports car was I able to see from my pickup truck. Let’s get naked and drive!” - Nudewalker

“Lately I have been picking my wife up at her job driving there and back nude. It is after dark and about 20 minutes away, feels good not having any clothes on while driving, more comfortable and relaxed.“ Nimrod

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