Friday, July 8, 2011

Why I Drive Nude

I made a conscious decision to drive nude more often just several months ago as one aspect of a larger decision to be more fully a nudist. Prior to that nude driving was an occasional activity. Since, I decided I needed to be true to my nudist calling - an example to others. I was driving lots anyway, so I decided it was only right for a nudist to “drive” nude. My wife, PJ, understood and encouraged me.

I've enjoyed thinking of ways to drive nude without bothering or shocking or even being seen by others, and without getting caught and offending the authorities – naked driving needn’t be exhibitionistic.

I got the idea of creating my own nudist resort inside my car - a safe place to drive naked. Since, I have purchased window curtains, towels, and even an extra body pillow (the perfect device for passengers to block the window view or comfortably cover up when needed). I've redesigned a pair of shorts so I can sit on the back half (using it like a towel), but drop the front half for naked comfort, yet quickly Velcro it back up when needed. PJ has been sewing an equally easy outfit for women to uncover while driving, and quickly re-cover when needed.

People seem to have lost the idea of the "Road Trip" - driving the back roads and stopping to see the sights along the way, without caring about the distance traveled, without rushing down the highway from point A to point B. Skinny Road Tripping reintroduces leisurely travel.

Drive leisurely on the back-roads and you'll notice many places to stop for a freehike or nude picnic - hidden places to get some all-over sun.

And naturists of all ages can enjoy driving nude - Skinny Road Tripping needn't be only for the young crowd.

It's easy to find companions to share a “social” Skinny Road Trip. Yesterday, while floating in the pool at Shangra La resort, I mentioned taking a Skinny Road Trip to a visiting couple. After a few questions about the safety of driving nude, they quickly agreed that it would be a fun naturist activity to share. I suspect we'll Skinny Trip together soon.

Skinny Road Trips are a perfect, new way to enjoy naturism. It's really just the reverse of normal naturist travel. Instead of driving to a destination clothed and then undressing, you "travel" naked and dress when needed to gas up or to visit interesting sights. And you might also stop and remain undressed to enjoy the outdoors.

Skinny Road Trips are a great way to be more fully nudist. Try it and you'll like it. I sure do.

Has anyone else out there enjoyed a Skinny Road Trip?


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