Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Home Nudists

Anyone else enjoy at-home nudism?


"I am naked almost all the time at home. Although the wife does not join me, she is fine when I do it. I am just really more comfortable. I do have to put shorts on when I work out in the yard. Such a shame especially on nicer days." - Behr

“My wife and I got a tai chi DVD as part of our new commitment to getting into better shape. We did not, however, invest in new workout clothes. We try to follow the workout three times a week and of course we do it nude.” – Glasgif

“I . . . am a nudist that gets naked at home because I really like getting nude at home. I don't go to nudist resorts because I don't have the time to go and I don't have any nudist friends to get naked with, so I just stay home and get naked.“ – Tampabaybucsfan

“For many years I have been interested in Nudism but as I do not have a partner with the same interests I practice nudism at home. It feels great - the freedom of no clothes, the air, and sun in moderation. Early sun is the best, but not for long. Doing everyday chores in the nude is a wonderful feeling. I always have a pair of shorts handy when the doorbell rings!” – Sorbent

“I love it when the sun shines and I can shed my clothes. I'm lucky to have a garden that as only one window overlooking it so can quite often sunbathe nude. I’m also lucky that my neighbor is totally ok with it, as I discovered a couple of summers back. I had my clothes off outside to catch some rays, music was playing and I was quite at peace with the world, I had my eyes closed when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Opening my eyes I was astonished to see my neighbor looking back at me, “Hi” she said “you look like you’re comfortable. Have you a bowl I could borrow”. I tried to cover up but she laughed at me telling me not to be so shy as she had no problem with my nudity. I stood up and quickly found the bowl she required, thinking she would want to leave, but no she asked if I was going to offer her a coffee, so we sat and chatted me naked her fully clothed. I told her I always had her down as a prude to which she replied although she would never get naked herself she could see no harm in other enjoying a nude lifestyle. . . We have now become close friends and she will often come for a chat on a hot summers day . . .” – Gibo1

“I . . . would have the house to myself when I got home from school and as soon as I got home all the clothes would come off. There was also an old gravel pit just outside the city, it had a wonderful man-made spring-fed lake . . . It was a great place to get naked and feel the warm summer breeze flowing over your skin. There is no better feeling than swimming nude, nothing digging into your skin, just total freedom. . . I keep my blinds closed so no one can see in . . . I think it is a great way to live and if you have never tried it, you should.” - JeffreyA

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