Monday, June 27, 2011

Options for Nude Living

Be an “at home” naturist: It’s simple to live naked at home – just get undressed and do everything you usually do. For example, Desert Rat lives naked most of the time . . . “Since I`m retired, I`m reluctant to get dressed in the morning. [I dress] to go out and do whatever things that I have to do; I take the clothes off as soon as I can after I get home.” Nude Allen says that . . . “Every afternoon after work as soon as I get in the house I get nude. What a good feeling getting those jeans off. I do all necessary housework and cook supper in the nude, and stay nude until next morning.” Salmongetter says . . . “I usually am nude within about three minutes of walking in the door and unless I need to go someplace or have non-nudist company show up, I am nude until the next time I need to go out and after Thursday pm I don`t have to get dressed until Sunday if I don`t want to.” Baltic says . . . “Getting naked is the very first thing I do when I get home. It`s freeing. And at home there is no need to make a statement with any kind of clothes or expensive wristwatches.” Finally, Nude Dude says . . . “I have found that doing some chores and housework nude is very relaxing and therapeutic; especially after a long day`s work. It`s so nice to come home, strip down, and if I have chores to do, I am naked. Nothing better.” - Nude Dude

Be a “backyard” naturist. The best advice for backyard naturists is to be open with your neighbors. Visit them in advance, and explain you’re a nudist and don’t like clothes. Vix711 does this: “. . . my wife and I wander/sunbathe naked all summer weather permitting in complete privacy, well almost! . . . [my 80 year old neighbor] . . . has one daughter in her early fifties who comes and mows her lawn once a week on her sit down mower. She invariably pulls up by the fence and never bats an eyelid whilst chatting about the weather, politics, whatever. We have even invited her round but she says it’s not for her . . .” MontanaNude summarizes this saying. . . "My neighbors know that I am a nudist. Those who are OK with it come without calling. Those who have a problem, call before coming over. . . I gave up hiding and coming up with one-liners years ago.”

Become a “nude party” host: Why not invite friends over for a meal, or a game of cards, or a karaoke night, or a pool or spa party? Your house can be the most popular naturist gathering place in town. People arrive, strip down, and enjoy a naked activity with friends. PJ love hosting nude parties.

Create a traveling nudist resort: Prepare your vehicle so you can travel nude without concern for getting “caught”. Install window and seat coverings, and wear easy to slip on and off clothing when necessary. Then you can strip down with your traveling companions, drive naked to see local attractions, stop to eat a picnic and take a walk nude, take photos of you and your naked friends standing by a road sign, talk, laugh, and just have some good naked fun in your own car or truck.

Create a naturist home park: Eric reports that . . . “Around 1996 we moved into our house in the country. . . We had a neighbor only on one side and we could come out the back door and sun bathe nude, but we could never venture more than a couple steps from the back door. . . Eventually we made our first big purchase and bought a hot tub. If we were quick and careful we could go out nude . . . As years went by we were not satisfied with that and needed more than these few square feet to be nude in. In addition to that we wanted a pool and did not want to wear a suite. We planted fast growing hedges and built privacy fencing from rough sawn hemlock from a local saw mill. Over the course of a couple years we were able to become perfectly private from the road and our neighbor. We now have a large deck, hot tub, pool, horse shoe pits, bocci, and volley ball, and we use them all nude. We garden and mow the lawn in the buff. Soon I will be starting to build the pentaque court (ever nudist place needs one). We love our yard it’s our very own naturist park! We love having our nudist friends over and enjoying all it has to offer and some great food!"

Live at a nudist resort: PJ and I do this. A small resort is a bit of a Payton Place. But it’s great to be nude outdoors anytime we want, to eat in the restaurant nude with friends, to sing karaoke or dance nude with others in the clubhouse, to swim in the pool or soak in the spa without a suit, to hike nude into the hills right from the trailer. Many advantages, but it does restrict the people who drop by. But then maybe that’s a good thing as well?

Living a naturist lifestyle is probably a progressive thing, moving from home naturism to resort living. At what stage are you?


  1. What about people who are mostly clothed at home and go naked at beaches, resorts etc?

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