Friday, July 22, 2011

Home Nudists

PJ and I love living nude at home - it's the best way to live for sure. When we're working, we drop our clothes as soon as we enter the apartment, and we sleep nude of course. Clothes are just plain uncomfortable. The only disadvantage of home nudism is the need to keep the blinds closed and the apartment dark. That's one reason it's so nice to get back to our home at Shangri La resort whenever our work assigments end, so the sun can shine in.


Here are a few other people who enjoy home nudism. Would anyone else like to report about living nude at home?

"We are naked so much, at home, that it actually feels strange to wear clothes here at home. . . We've gone on vacation and will check in to hotel room. Walk through the door and start stripping to settle in and unpack. I find I can't really think unless I'm naked!" - FireProf

"If I am at home I am nude, till the weather turns cold. I try to work from home one or two days a week which gives me a little more nude time." - Mokayaker

"Me and the family live nude at home almost all the time. If the kids make plans for friends to come over, obviously we all put something on. It isn't well known around the kids schools that we're nudists. Other than that, living in Southern Cal. does allow us to go nude year round. " - Cocalsonice (woman)

"During the warm days I do everthong in the nude. I would just wear a towel to get my mail. Once in the safety of my home off the clothes go. I water my lawn and do my yard work in the buff " - Cencali

"I work out of my home office so I am nude all the time. Most of my friends know I am a nudist so if they drop by it is no big deal. For those that just knock on my door there is a sign stating.."Nudist lives inside , enter at your own discretion"..if they come in great if not great.. " - TexasnNewd

"Living alone I'm nude all the time, I see no reason to ever wear anything in my own home. If I have company and they are not nudist I will dress but all are wlcome to get nude and relax and enjoy." - NudeAdam

"I'm naked 15 seconds after coming home. I work and do the pool area upkeep naked. Neighbors don't mind. Even the cleaning ladies don't mind. It's a great life. . . I'm nude nearly 100% of the time. I work at home and sit out by my pool naked most the day. If I go out my clothes come off the second I get in the house. I live with my wife and 14 year old. She's a school teacher and is naked at home but my son only swims naked. . . The house is on a golf course and so far (7 years) the golfers don't mind but a hedge blocks most of their view anyway. The neighbors, lawn treatment, and landscapers don't mind. I routinely stand talking to my neighbor while being naked. I am careful not to be seen in the front of the house though. . . But the deck and lanai are our sanctuary." - LarryB

"Always nude at home on my days off and in the mornings before I have to go out. Our property is bordered by mature trees and bushes so I can freely enjoy the backyard, the pool, and do yardwork in the buff also. " - BareNBoop

"I am nude 100% of the time at home. Well, maybe 99.99% because I do throw a dress on if someone comes to the door. I rarely get visitors, but when I do, I put something on to answer the door. " - Ages (woman)

"I'm retired and have a naturist friendly apt. I spend most of my time nude, sleep nude, do household chores nude, cook nude. I'm happy to say I spend days at a time without putting on a stitch. I hate clothes although sometimes I'm forced to wear them when I go out on errands which fortunately doesn't happen much. I find that clothes itch, bind and pinch and anymore I can't wait to get them off! . . . I live alone for now, and there's no regular job to report for and most of the work I do now is benchwork at home so nudity is a normal state of affairs for me. In fact I am so used to being nude most of the time, when I do have to go out I find wearing clothes almost unbearable and can't wait to get home and be myself again." - Uriel2

"I'm nude all the time I'm home. I have some non nudist friends who will come over. They know I'm always nude at home and they accept it. If someone that is not in our social circle, neighbor etc., I just go into my room while my wife will talk with them. The only time I get dressed is when I go out to work or take my wife shopping or some out door activities. " - Nudycg

"I get comfortable almost as I'm walking through our gate after work unless it's chilly out. I'm nude most of the time in the house. If I'm chilly, I find that if I put on slippers (dearfoams), I am warmer. If worse comes to worse, I put a robe over my shoulders. . . Today my husband asked if he could take a look in my car to find something that he's misplaced. I just handed him the keys. I can usually get away with going out to where I park the car as there is much foliage. " - Cheri

"As soon as I get home I like to get nude and stay that way as much as possible, since I live by myself I don't have to worry about offending anyone. I travel to make a living so I enter a hotel room, lock the door, and get naked. " - Lv2BNaked

"I am nude at home whenever I can be. In the morning after my shower I am nude until I have to get ready for work, and when I get home off comes the clothes, I plan on retiring next year and plan on being free all the time " - nvnudedude

"I am nude at home any chance I get . . . I have always slept nude as long as I remember. My clothes fall whenever we are alone and I roam freely in the house and back yard area which is bordered by woods and private. Nudity is a sure thing especially in the deck area, spa, and pool when we are alone. Clothes are off so much that I can immediately feel irritated by fabric all over when I wear clothes. My wife laughs about when we come home from somewhere, the clothes fall off entering the back door! " - Nudepops

"We are lucky enough to live in Florida and we have a private backyard with pool, jacuzzi, and all of the trimmings. We're always nude at home in in the yard unless some textile friends come over. (We always tell people to call first!) Many of our friends are nudists as well, and we enjoy nude home parties with them, either at our place or theirs." - Nudesuncpl

"We are a nudist family at home - the kids and all. We have some rules that have to be followed, but bottom line, some one is nude at our home always - its just however you feel. Sometimes every one is nude which for us is just a normal day." - sarw15

". . . we're nude all the time at home - inside and outside in our backyard. There are times when we have friends and family over and have to remain dressed but when it's just us or our immediate family, we are nude - most of the time. Our family (children/spouses and grandkids) are well aware of our lifestyle and have partaken in being nude here with us on a few occasions . . . It doesn't matter how long I am home, I strip off every second I can." - FireProf

"Since I started working from home 6 years ago I am naked pretty much 24/7. The only time I am dressed for any length of time is when my wife and I have non-nudist guest, which most of them are. My wife is a nudist too but doesn't stay naked as much as I do." - Nakedfiddler

"Whenever I come into the house the clothes come off. I have been this way for over 20 years, Even at the college family housing I would be nude in the apt. I am a big guy and do not like wearing clothes because they feel too constraining for my comfort overall." - Ladyhawkseagle


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