Monday, July 11, 2011

Skinny Road Trip Report

Jaybirdsen reports an enjoyable Skinny Road Trip below. Would anyone else like to do the same?

". . . the other day I decided to take a naked road trip up into the mountains above San Diego. While still in the city I drove with a shirt on and removed it as I entered the foothills on a beautiful very warm clear day. I drove with the windows open and the rear slider of the pickup open too. The hot air bathing my body was terrific. I passed several hamlets with egg farms, wineries, apple pie etc. I discovered a . . . beautiful country road that meandered through scrub oak divided into old farm pastures with old farm houses. . . The road eventually led on a winding path down hill through oaken glens with a beautiful view of a high desert lake below. I merged back onto another highway along the lake and eventually back to the spot of my time departure. It was a wonderful short day trip and I got dressed only to stop in a coffee shop for an early supper.' - Jaybirdsen

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