Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Nude Drivers

"I have driven naked many times. I have also been seen many times too. First time seen I was driving I-10 into Pensacola, Fl. and suddenly found myself in rush hour traffic. I was driving a small Toyota truck and I had a big RV get along side of me. I didn't cover up and a moment later the RV go in front of me and slowed down. So I passed it when I looked over the driver was trying hard to see me, so I let him. I got a thumbs up and noticed that his female partner had seen me first and must of told him. Another time a woman was driving a pickup truck and her husband was asleep. We were on the same level and she stayed along side of me for several miles smiling and looking before turning off. I have noticed that women in general are not upset at all about male nudity as long as no one catches them looking." - GANude

"I enjoy driving naked and when it is after dark on a hot day in the desert, driving sans clothes is an enjoyable aspect to what usually is a boring aspect of our lives. The last time I drove back toward LA from Palm Springs, I found driving nude made the trip far more comfortable. Since I have been pulled over only 3 times in the last 20 years, I don't worry about the CHP. During the day, if I am driving by myself, I will place a small piece of cloth over my loins - just enough to cover any Truck driver's view (not that they really look). With the air vent, this still provides enough air circulation around my genitals to make it more comfortable. If I am riding with my wife, she understands that should we be driving a significant distance, I will wear only a very thin pair of shorts. As she says, as long as I am covered and she does not need to drive, what does she care? So keep driving in the natural state!" - SoCalFreehiker

"I skinnydrive a Silverado to work nearly every morning. To my knowledge no one has noticed I am nude, even when it is too cold to be shirtless. I sometimes drive home that way as well in traffic and daylight and no one notices. Mine is not the tallest vehicle by any means, but it is taller than most cars. I stay in the right lane and make sure to stop where taller vehicles are not directly opposite me. It took some getting used to but gradually I realized that most people are intent on watching where they are going and not looking into other peoples vehicles." - Hymie

"The pleasure for me comes from driving totally naked, which I do often on long trips . . . I always keep light tan, wide leg shorts on the passenger seat which I can slip on in about two seconds, and flip-flops in the passenger floor well. On four lane highways, I'll momentarily place the shorts on my lap for a passing vehicle during the day. Someone looking down into the car sees me "wearing" shorts. I've actually driven all the way through metropolises that way, but it gets a little cumbersome in heavy traffic. When I'm with other naked passengers, we figure out some other strategy. . . Never had a problem, and have never covered up. . . Driving naked is a sensuous experience. Very relaxing and refreshing, if done carefully." - Al

"I drive naked every chance I get. I prefer to do it during the day but I drive naked at night as well. I always keep a pair of shorts handy in case a family pulls up in an SUV. Have never had a problem with truckers - in fact have had many sound off their horns as I pass them and/or give a thumbs up." - Lovetobenaked

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