Sunday, July 17, 2011

Even More Nude Drivers

“I have on several occasions done nude driving returning form my local nudist park- Most of it was via interstate and took about 50 minutes or so travel time. I just got into the car at the nudist park and drove home. I would keep a pair of shorts at my feet to slip on if I needed to-- So much fun!!!!” – Byron

“Have not taken a skinny road trip as such, but have driven nude on a number of occasions. They did all happen to be at night so the chance of being seen was very minimal, and they were on routes that I frequently travel that become rather desolate after dark. The most comfortable thing for me is the cool air across my body whether from the A/C or what nature happens to offer that evening. Add a nude walk back to the car after spending nude time at the beach, and you can have a pretty nice day.” – Nudeyooper

“Friday I left Colorado for SLC and decided to drive nude down I80 across Wyoming. I took all my clothes off and kept my shirt handy just in case. The sun was out it felt so good on me. I have tinted windows although they are not that dark. I must admit it was very invigorating to be passing, and to be passed by other cars and the semi -trucks completely in the buff. I loved it! There was construction going on and at one point I had to drive slowly past a flag man, which made me a bit nervous. It was all good though and I can't wait to drive naturally again. This is my summer vacation and I have deemed it my nude adventure. I plan on doing some nude atv'ing and free hiking near Zions and then with a newly met naturist friend near Escalante.” - John

“I have enjoyed "skinny road trips" without a specific destination, in the past. I will dress briefly only when necessary . . . when stopping to stretch at the more public places, while staying nude when stopping in secluded places. . . my kilts just lay open and flat on the seat much of the time. They wrap with Velcro, so that I can have one on in a flash if necessary. I highly recommend both the kilt and the skinny road trip, as comfortable and versatile extensions of the naturist life style.” - Dan

“My work involves driving all over England and Wales, and whenever possible I am naked. I often give guys lifts, and most of them strip before I drive off. Only one guy has refused a lift, leaving the passenger door wide open and shouting "Pervert!" – Carl c-s

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