Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Dream of Freedom

I totally agree with this thought from Danielle, and intend to act on her suggestion. Anyone else on board?


“The only way some of us will ever live in what we consider to be a perfect world is if those of us who promote nonsexual nudism keep spreading the word that there is no reason that we should ever, ever, ever, ever, ever be ashamed of our bodies, and what God gave us! . . . I feel like maybe if I say it enough times, the right person will hear it or see it, and help me and all the other nudists around the world take action. Let's try taking our clothes off for something other than sexual activity! . . . when you're a nudist, living in a society with a whole bunch of people who were trapped in the textile world, explaining to them the freedom and liberation that comes along with being a nudist can seem pretty daunting . . . The solution is going to require all of the nudists around the world to band together and fight for what we believe . . . It's my hope that one day when I get ready to have kids I'll be able to tell them that they don't have to wear clothes if they don't want to, and they will still be accepted and loved by society just as everyone else is. . . will that happen in my lifetime? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. I can tell you one thing for sure though. We've got to start somewhere. . . I truly believe that if we fight long enough and hard enough for what we truly believe, we just may see a change. If we don't fight, and we just accept that this is the way a society is, will we ever know whether it could have been different?” - Danielle

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  1. I'm impressed that somebody young enough to not have had children could write so plainly and movingly.

    We might live in the urban American neighborhood most likely to accept nude gardening. But that's not to say it would be "accepting". Kim, for instance, likes it that Lena, down the alley, grows pot, but my nudity would threaten her. As the economy inevitably contracts, community with near neighbors seems like an absolute sine qua non, so confrontation with the body-phobic is off-the-table.

    I don't know how to "fight long enough and hard enough" for acceptance: Traveling an hour each way for an afternoon getting to know strangers at a nudist venue seems an extravagant use of my and my wife's time; doing it frequently enough to justify membership is entirely out of the question. That leaves mentioning it in conversation, and, without any specific nudist practice to discuss, there seem to be better things to talk about.

    Any ideas?