Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Naked Drivers

It's very interesting how many people enjoy driving naked. Some perhaps tend towards exhibitionism. If so, they definitely need naturism to fix their heads - from experience I know that works. Anyway, here are a few more people who enjoy driving naked:

"Enjoy driving nude whenever I can. A week ago I had to go out of town for business. On the way home that night I decided to shuck the clothes for the drive home. Was a great 70 mile drive." - Gwn Tulsa

"I drive nude quite often. A lot of times I will leave my shirt on so as to not attract attention to myself. People glance and see somebody dressed from the waist up and usually don't take a second look. I take a lot of drives in the very early AM. . . The freedom and the feeling of the breeze on my body just makes the stress melt away. I'll be taking another drive here in about an hour." - BillyJoeJimBob

"I was lucky enough to drive from AZ, Phoenix area to near Ft Worth, TX weekend before last. I was naked at least from the waist down most of the trip. My wife was naked at night. The whole trip seemed so much shorter that way. That is a long boring drive and to be able to go at least half naked is a bonus." - Rhinestonekevin

"I drove across the Mojave desert naked - real nice - Hot! I got out to take a picture of a flowering cactus and a car went by - no problem. Ate lunch off the side of the road naked and enjoyed the day immensely. I got stopped by the Kansas highway patrol and had to get dressed quickly but all was fine. I am always looking to see if I can see in anyone's car and can't so I don't worry." - Bruce B

“I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but driving naked has always been a thrill to me. I guess that it started small and grew from there. Maybe I was dared by one of my friends to drive without panties while wearing a mini-skirt; or it could have been me running late again and I could have forgotten my bra. Well, whatever it was, it was just the beginning. . . [On the way to my first day of school] I decided to just take off the skirt and blouse . . . When I got to school, I jumped out of my car and ran over to the passenger side and got dressed there. . . Ever since that day, I would get up early and put my clothes into the car and drive wherever I was heading totally nude. . . It's always given me a big thrill. I still do that to this day. My husband loves taking trips with me.” - Ciao.

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