Monday, July 4, 2011

What Do You Think About Driving Nude?

When I first considered driving nude I wondered if I had wandered too far from true naturist practice into exhibitionism. Yet. as a practicing naturist, driving naked never felt exhibitionistic, especially as I prepared my car to be a traveling resort so it was difficult for people to see in and easy to cover up. Now, having studied nude driving, I'm surprised how many nudists enjoy doing it. I'll post more nude driving experiences in the future, but here are a few to get started:

"I have driven clothesfree many times in the summer, the longest being about 70 miles to and from a nudist beach. It’s a wonderful feeling wearing just a seat belt (yes not even shoes!)." - NaturalAlien

"I'm particularly law-abiding, sticking right at the speed limit and letting the cell-phone go to voice-mail, when I'm driving naked. Getting pulled over or having a fender-bender is simply not an option. I think nakedness makes me a better and safer driver." - Bob X

"I have a sport kilt that wraps around and secures at the waist with Velcro. I put that on, sit down in the car, then open it up...voila, I'm naked! If I need to cover up, I just close it up in an instant." - RoofTop

"After spending an enjoyable naked afternoon at Bluff Creek Falls in Alabama, hiking around the place, I decided to do something I have never done before - drive home naked! It is about and hour and 15 minutes to my home and the only time I had to cover up was when I went through the drive-through at McDonalds . . . It was great and the fresh air was wonderful. I plan on doing that again real soon." - Garfield42

"I always drive to the Keys naked. . . Beyond Marathon the road is almost all 2 lane. I wrapped a sarong around me, got out and put the top down, secured my shorts in the armrest compartment and my sandals in the glove compartment. Once I got going, the sarong came off. What an amazing feeling. The breeze was fantastic, and the scenery was that much more beautiful - water more azure, trees greener. Wow. Actually, it's pretty much the same sensation as when I hike naked. My senses were heightened - no doubt about it. I am not foolish about these things, and when I went through one inhabited area that had a stop light, of course I wrapped the sarong around me temporarily. But the fun part was that I only had to do that for a minute or two the whole way. Redressed just before Key West." - Al

What's your opinion of driving naked - naturally nudist or too exhibitionistic or somewhere in between?

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