Sunday, July 17, 2011

July's Been a Nude Month

July has been a wonderfully naked month for me and PJ!

The first week we drove nude from Las Cruces, NM, where we had worked, to our new home at Shangri La Ranch in New River, AZ. Nude is the only way for a nudist to travel. We love the feeling. Along the way we noticed so many wonderful areas to stop for a picnic or freehike, but we were too concerned with continuing on to our destination, though we did stop to see the “thing”, so I guess this was just a nude drive, not a real Skinny Road Trip.

Over six days we worked 72 hours building our new nature park/trail at Shangri La. It was wonderful getting up early before the heat became oppressive, working together nude, and jumping in the pool on occasion to cool down and relax from the heat - paradise. The owner gave us a golf cart to haul things; PJ is painting it.

Saturday we attended the Canyon State Naturists pool party. Naked fun was had by all who attended. The local Phoenix area naturist community is very active. We discussed planning some freehikes and starting an egroup to help with communication.

By Wednesday, we were on the road again for work. We drove nude all the way from Phoenix to Odessa, TX where we stopped for the night before continuing on to our assignment in Tyler, TX.

This past Saturday we visited the Ponderosa resort in Wills Point, TX. It is a small resort on ten acres, but has a wonderful clubhouse (one of the nicest we’ve ever seen) and a pleasant pool. We enjoyed soaking and visiting with 26 new naturist friends (12 women). (Naturists are always the nicest, friendliest people.) We highly recommend this small resort.

We ate at several fun restaurants and went to see the new Harry Potter movie. My only regret is not making the trip to Ponderosa a full-blown Skinny Road Trip – oh well, next time for sure.

We’re back to work, unfortunately clothed, till the end of the month. I'll report on our continuing naturist adventures then.

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