Sunday, July 3, 2011

Skinny Road Trip to Visit White Sands

We’ve driven nude many times for many miles, but Thursday, June 30, 2011, PJ and I took our first “official” Skinny Road Trip. It was fun and exhilarating.

Our Skinny Road Trip started from our apartment where we are currently living in Las Cruces, NM. Within a few blocks we were nude. Nude driving feels so nice – the sun shining through the windows and the cool air blowing across our naked bodies. A Skinny Road Trip is the reverse of driving clothed to a naturist venue. You drive nude, and put clothes on as needed to visit the sights along the way. A Skinny Road Trip is more about traveling and sightseeing and socializing in naked comfort than any destination. It’s not about exhibitionism. Naturists really don’t think about being nude while traveling; it just feels natural, the way life is supposed to be - great!

We drove naked for an hour across a mountain pass and along the highway through the barren and flat White Sands Missile Range to White Sands National Park. Just before the park entrance we had to dress quickly to pass through a Border Patrol Checkpoint.

Stopping at the Park gift shop, I just wore shorts and PJ wore shorts and a top. We asked a visitor from Florida to take our photo by the Park sign to document our visit.

Soon we were naked on the white sand, taking photos of our adventure. One lady on a distant sand dune probably saw us, but we didn’t care. Who knows what she thought; probably jealous of all the fun we were obviously having. PJ said she could spend hours walking nude and barefoot across the white sand, getting an all-over tan, but I persuaded her we needed to move on to our next destination.

So, we left the Park and drove naked, back along the same route towards Las Cruces. After crossing the mountain pass, we took a side road south along the base of the Organ Pipe Mountains. We had planned a short freehike on an improved trail we had noted the day before, but a car was parked at the trailhead, so we continued down the road a ways and stopped to take a few photos. No cars could be seen in either direction, so I didn’t bother to get dressed; I just jumped out of the car nude so PJ could take my photo with the rugged mountains in the background.

We then continued into Las Cruces. After arriving, we dressed and remained clothed the rest of the trip to eat at the Cracker Barrel and visit Old Town Mesilla where we shopped (purchased several dresses and a hand mirror showing a naked fat lady, and two statues for our new park at Shangri La Ranch), visited an old catholic church, and ate again at a wonderful Mexican restaurant – La Posta.

After a fun day and a half tank of gas, we returned to our apartment and undressed - the end of the first of many wonderful Skinny Road Trips.

We’d recommend this Skinny Road Trip to everyone. Our photos are posted at:

Is anyone else planning a Skinny Road Trip? Would anyone care to share a past Skinny Road Trip?

We will soon return to Phoenix where we plan to take some Skinny Road Trips with other naturist friends. We’ll share more then.

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