Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fire Prof's Skinny Road Trip

Here's another great Skinny Road Trip reported by Fire Prof. Does anyone else have a report?

"Our trip to Lake Havasu was great. Stopped for fuel and Starbucks. Once onboard with our morning snack and coffee, off came the clothes and turned up the heater in the truck! I was completely nude, the Prof was semi - she's still not completely comfortable being totally nude while in the vehicles.

5+hrs of naked driving. It warmed up pretty quick after we were on the road. Had to turn off the heater once we were in Palm Springs area. Even had to turn on the A/C for a while cuz it got hot out in the desert. I would have left it off and opened the windows but the Prof was working and didn't want her papers flying all over the place.

Arrived in Havasu and got into our friend’s home. They were out and left the house open for us. We settled in and they arrived soon after. We visited for a while and before ya know it, all 6 of us were nude enjoying each other’s company.

Left Havasu a few days later. Stopped right after we left our friends home for fuel and Starbucks. Got in the truck and off came the clothes. Nice ride home again. Drove through a State Agriculture check point in the nude. Talked with the Inspector - he didn't come close enough to the truck to be concerned.

Had to stop once more for fuel and a potty break so I slipped on the shorts and flip flops and went inside the gas station. Got back to the truck, NO ONE around on this intersection, slipped off the shorts, put the hose back in the pump, pushed the "no receipt" button, got back in the truck and drove off!

Got home, backed half way into the garage and unloaded the truck in the nude. Looked around for the neighbors - very quiet and no one out - window blinds closed - I parked the truck in the driveway and got out nude and walked inside the house.

What a great trip!" - Fire Prof

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