Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Skinny Road Trip

Here is an interesting first Skinny Road Trip experience:

“I was inspired enough today that on our trip to explore some campgrounds I decided to enjoy myself and do a Skinny Road Trip. Ok, the wife was upset at first; what if we get stopped, get in a wreck, or a trucker sees you. I told her before we left to try to see in the SUV with the window tint we have and she relaxed. So soon after climbing in the kilt came loose, shirt came off and the pleasant drive began. Most of the drive was on four lane roads, only a short time in an interstate highway, and only one small village to drive through before we reached the park. A quick cover up at the check in station and the park office crew gave us a map and told us to enjoy ourselves and pick out our favorite spots for camping. We drove and marked the map with the sites that we thought would accommodate our camper. When we left the campground proper a long road led to a picnic area overlooking the lake. From our vantage point we could see the beach which was sparsely populated due to the rain and a secluded table was found to enjoy our picnic lunch. Of course the kilt was off by this time and the wife joined in by being topless! We drove back by using mostly rural roads so we never bothered to dress, and the steady rain provided enough privacy to enjoy ourselves. It seemed all too soon that I was reaching for the garage door opener, pulled into the house and ended what was a perfect ride. Thanks Ken for the brilliant idea, and the link to the pictures as now I think the wife is intrigued!” - Nudewalker

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