Saturday, October 3, 2009

Proposed Procedure for Establishing Freehiking Trails

1. Join together as a Free Trails Association (FTA). (We need a website with information and sign-up procedures.)

2. Freehike - find good trails (typically moderate use trails, used by naturists perhaps on weekdays or away from the trailhead), post signs (worded like below), write/post freehiking reports, and invite others to go along.

[Front] “Beyond this point you may encounter Freehikers. We're Nude but NOT Lewd. If locker-room style nudity serious offends you, turn on the radio and contact us (take with if needed) and we'll put some clothes on. Otherwise, we'll see you on the trail! (Details on back)”

[Back] “There is no law against simple nudity on public lands. Not long ago, skinny-dipping was common and widely accepted. The laws are against being "lewd" and "indecent exposure". We're not being lewd at all. This sign acts to avoid indecent exposure. If you have any questions for us, try the attached radio or call us at our home number later: (number) Thanks! [signed]”

3. Establish a formal area Free Trails Club – meet with others to determine the club’s specific mission (exercise/health, social, naturist activism), select trails on which to seek freehiking acceptance, plan larger hikes and other trail events (camp-outs, run/walks, bike rides, clean-ups, renovation).

4. Contact authorities/land owners to provide information about club activities and events and to gain permission so citations are not given.

5. Advertise/hold hikes and other trail events (run/walks, clean-ups, renovation), write/post hike reports, and recruit new members.

What do you think of this suggested approach? I'm interested in taking action. I agree to be the first member of the Free Trails Association (FTA) (I like this name better than the previous suggestion), and would like help from other interested freehikers. Anyone else willing get involved and join FTA?

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