Saturday, October 31, 2009

Katherine’s Visit to Olive Dell, August 2009

After freehiking and nude gardening the morning of August 27, 2009, we relaxed on our deck, waiting for Katherine to arrive. Today was Katherine’s first visit to a nude resort. She is an administrator at the place we work. PJ and Katherine had become good friends, so PJ had confided that we were naturists. Katherine had expressed an interest in visiting. So this was the planned day.

She arrived mid-afternoon. PJ drove down to the entrance to meet her and guide her to our site. P\J had put on a t-shirt that didn’t exactly cover everything to help her feel comfortable at first. Though a little uncomfortable, I decided to stay nude. I wasn’t ashamed to being seen the way I really am, and after all, we’d told her we were naturists and kept a trailer at Olive Dell. I was sure nude was what she’d expect. When they got out of the car in front of the trailer PJ explained to Katherine that I would probably be buck naked – “so be prepared”.

They came around to the deck I was sweeping – yes buck naked. Katherine was totally clothed. At first she obviously avoided looking directly at me. I could tell she was somewhat uncomfortable being around a naked manager with whom she worked.

We took a walking tour of Dellymaze Park – our expanding nude garden. I walked first. Near the hilltop PJ said she was getting too hot and slipped off her t-shirt. When we returned to our deck we decided to extend our walking tour to the entire resort. Along the way we introduced her to a number of residents who were sitting outside their trailers. Most were nude. I was sure Katherine was getting coming to understand that naturism is natural and friendly.

After our tour, we headed down to the hot tub. It seems like water, especially a hot tub, helps introduce newbies to naturism most easily. Katherine finally got undressed so we could shower, before slipping into the hot water. (Water helps to hide things at first.) She was finally her own outgoing self; she’s was already a naturist at heart.

We soaked for a while, and sat on the side and talked when we got too hot. Then, Katherine expressed an interest is getting in the swimming pool. I was a little concerned it might be too cool, but it was actually quite nice, and it was especially nice that Katherine had introduced the idea. She loved swimming and floating as we continued visiting.

When we tired of swimming we walked back towards our place, and met David cleaning the tennis court (nude of course). He asked if we’d like to help, so all four of us naked folk pitched in pushing water from the court. I could tell Katherine was much more relaxed and really enjoying herself.

We then all retreated to our deck to eat a few snacks and watch the sun set. Sitting on a deck and enjoying a sunset with naked friends is a wonderful, truly joyful experience. Katherine and David clearly enjoyed joking about fun things that might be done in the future. Too soon, Katherine had to leave. David took her back to the entrance.

PJ and I finished the evening talking about how enjoyable it was introducing our friend to naturism – the lifestyle we love so much. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our family and friends were open to learning how great naturism can be?

Nothing was said the next day at work, but I could tell Katherine felt closer too us. She had truly enjoyed becoming a naturist.

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