Monday, October 19, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - July 26-27, 2009

Nude is just how people live at Olive Dell Ranch.

We got up early yesterday, drove up to our trailer at Olive Dell, took off our clothes (relief), put on socks and tennis shoes (necessary), and watered the flowers and plants we’ve planted in Dellymaze Park (what started as our nude rock garden four months ago has grown to a nude park that people enjoy visiting).

Then I took a three mile freehike up the loop trail to the picnic table and back, climbing Ken’s Hill on the way. I collected a bag of white rocks for PJ to put in our Bug’s Life garden areas. Freehiking is such wonderful exercise for the body and relaxation for the mind.

When I returned, PJ was visiting with Dave on our deck. He’d arrived late for the freehike, so had stayed to talk with PJ while she painted her frog statue. She’d explained the senior game business we’d been planning. I sat down and joined in the discussion. Dave had some good suggestions and offered to help.

After, I spent several hours clearing some overgrown bushes and tree limbs from a trail I had been building at the top of Dellymaze Park. It was hot and dirty and sweaty work, but bearable without clothing. I love gardening naked.

When I finished cutting the brush, PJ and I walked down to the clubhouse for a shower and swim. I talked with Lorie as we showered together. Several dozen naturists were in and around the pool. We floated on noodles and talked with Penny and Cindy about our plans for visiting San Onofre nude beach next Sunday when NITOC is planning another BBQ as a fundraiser for NAC. It’s always nice talking with naked friends in the pool.

Then PJ and I ate lunch in the restaurant, along with several other couples, before returning to our trailer.

Later in the day we ate dinner in the restaurant with Dave and Mary Lou, and talked again about our business plan. After dinner PJ stayed to talk about dieting and exercise with Mary Lou while I returned to finish clearing the trail. While I was working two girls (age 10 and 12) came to the park to visit. We talked while I worked and they walked the new trail. Then they headed down the hill to play with several other children on the volleyball court below. It’s fun to watch naturist children who are so unconscious being with friends and adults without clothing. The world’s fears of nudity and abuse don’t even seem to cross their minds. The world would be a better place if everyone were raised as nudists.

While working on the trail Mark and Cindy arrived and I led them on a tour of the park. We also talked a little more about our plans to visit San Onofre next weekend. Then our neighbor Laura came home and talked to me as I worked (the new trail runs in the small valley below her trailer).

Just as I was finished clearing the trail, PJ and Mary Lou returned so we all walked back to the clubhouse to take a shower before it got dark. A group shower is one of the best activities at the resort.

Later, sitting on our deck, PJ and I watched a beautiful sunset and talked about how much we loved our place at the resort and our naked friends. As it got dark Laura came by and PJ talked for quite a while about her church. I worked on the computer. Then we retired for the evening to watch a movie.

I was awakened early by Mark out for his morning nude run, so I arose to type this report. Today I’ll probably talk another freehike and then work a few hours in the garden before it gets too hot. PJ will probably paint the game. I’m sure we’ll enjoy the pool again when it gets too hot and visit again with friends - another wonderful day in Paradise at Olive Dell Ranch.

Oh, did I mention that nearly everyone in this report was nude, and thought nothing of it, without any sexual thoughts or actions? Paradise – it’s a Garden of Eden.

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