Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch, August 15-20, 2008

Several memorable events occurred this week while we were at Olive Dell Ranch:

I freehiked on two mornings to a different hills about ½ mile from our trailer, looking for a different source of rock for our garden. I found lots of rock, but nothing too interesting. The trail was nice however, and the freehikes were as enjoyable as always. I simply love freehiking. I always get a lot of thinking done. The exercise is important. And it feels great.

PJ and I spent lots of time working in our nude garden. We finished cementing model castles on hilltops in one section; now PJ is preparing to paint in grass and roads, etc. I finished rocking one section of trail, and then cut another trail through the brush to the picnic table hill above our garden park – an adventuresome activity done nude. A shower at the clubhouse always feels nice after several hours of hot, dirty nude gardening.

The next morning Mary Lou and Kammy walked their dogs (two women – 2 dogs - all four naked) down one newly finished trail. They stopped and visited for a while. I often hear people – guys in particular – talk about not being able to find a naturist spouse. I have come to believe that’s mostly because they are looking for love in all the wrong places. I’ve met nice single gals and guys at most every resort we’ve visited. At least seven single ladies and even more single guys are members at our club - Olive Dell Ranch in Southern California.

That evening we took the game we have been developing down to the clubhouse to try it out. It was fun playing Trivia Toss with our naked friends.

The next evening as PJ and I were freewalking a new trail in our garden, two of the kids (aged about ten) from the resort showed up for a visit. They joined us on our naked tour of the new trails. I’m always amazed how unconsciously kids at the resort accept nudity. They don’t even seem to think about it. It’s just natural for them as they have been raised as naturists. What a wonderful way to be brought up and to live.

We certainly love living even part-time at a naturist resort. We are making plans to be able to live at Olive Dell Resort full-time. Does anyone else have the desire to do the same?

Time to leave for a morning freehike before we have to go to work. Have a great nude day everyone.

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