Thursday, October 29, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch, August 23-24, 2009

I freehiked each morning we were at Olive Dell Ranch – Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Sunday I hiked the North Ridge Trail again, and this time took some nice photos of the resort and the weathered cliffs above it. I could also look down into the San Bernardino/Redlands area although it was too smoggy to see very much across the valley to the mountains. I saw two coyotes running up the hills. I turned back because there were motor cyclers in the distance headed my way, and I didn’t wish to offend.

After returning, I worked for a time in the garden, starting a new trail to the top of the hill. Later we enjoyed a nude meal at the restaurant. Later still, David came by to discuss the game we’ve been developing together, and a 10 year old girl at the resort dropped by, so we enlisted her in trying out the game. She seemed to have fun – even though she had to play it with two old naked guys. (The dynamics at a naturist resort never cease to amaze.) Otherwise, we didn’t do much Sunday because PJ was sleeping much of the time, so tired from working late nights at our job in Redlands.

Monday morning I freehiked the Loop Trail up to the picnic table (about three miles). It was a very pleasant morning for nude hiking. On the way back I explored the old nature trail at the resort. It had been mostly unused for years and hadn’t been improved. There were still poles identifying the vegetation, though many had fallen over. It has the potential to be the finest nudist naturist trail in any resort we’ve visited. I’m going to try to find a way to revitalize it. Anyone want to help?

Monday I shoveled out and leveled a spot to put a storage shed below our trailer. It was tough work - the dirt was very hard. We also mixed up some cement and put up several signs around our garden/park. It was wonderful taking a break to shower together and float in to pool, followed by a naked dinner. Nothing better at a naturist resort than that! While we were eating we told a 14 year old girl about the garden we have been making, and she got excited to see it so later that evening she brought her sister (5) and PJ led them around the resort. The kids were dressed, PJ was not – interesting. While they toured I played a little nude guitar. Soon the sun had set, and we were totally ready for bed.

Tuesday morning we arose very early and I took my morning freehike up to the picnic table while PJ collected our things. Freehiking is the best, the most amazing exercise. I returned via the old naturist trail – yes I’ll definitely have to get it cleaned up. It could be the best nude naturist trail in Southern California. Anyone want to volunteer to help with the nature trail project?

We watered the garden, took a hike around it, and to soon it was time to leave for work. There is never enough time when we go to the resort.

Here are a few photos from this weekend’s visit to our place at Olive Dell Ranch:

As always, everyone is invited to visit us at our happy place.

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